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Imagine yourself alone in the wild, standing under a beautiful waterfall feeling an overall sense of ahhhhh. You feel the water washing over your body, washing away the stress and tension. It lets you relax as you cleanse and you feel just a little bit lighter. Sound amazing? Of course it does!

Imagine yourself under a waterfall - shower meditation - girl in waterfall

What if you could channel this feeling every single day? Well, you can in your shower!

Anyone else think of the shower as the one place you can get a few minutes of peace and quiet? Whether you are escaping your kids or just need a moment to think to yourself. With summer right around the corner, you know that life will get a little more hectic and you'll be running around, constantly on the go and adventuring a little more. It will be time outside with your family and running around galore. So you might need a little extra relaxation in your day and that is where shower meditation and a mindful shower comes in.

You Have The Time For Meditation

We get it, life is busy and it can be hard to take the time for self-care and wellness. But this is actually one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. You may not think you have ten minutes to meditate and be mindful in your day, but you probably do take time to have a shower.

This is the shower mediation that you need when you are busy and just want a sense of calm. It is a way to take those five minutes that you have in the warm water and make them totally matter.

Why Shower Meditation?

Shower Head

Shower meditation is also known as waterfall meditation, mind cleansing and water meditation. It is a practice of using the water as a mechanism to wash away the stress, tension and anxiety within your body. The best reason to try shower meditation is that it does not take any additional time in your day.

Mindfulness in the shower is important so you can take a beat during your regular self-care routine. It is a way to make the moments you already have matter because you are using them with intent. Meditation is known to help with emotions, stress, creativity and anxiety.

Get Grounded While The Water Warms

Turn on the shower, and listen. Hear the sound the water makes. Feel the air around you start to change and warm. You'll feel the steam in the bathroom, and notice every little thing happening around you. Breathe it in, feel the air expand in your lungs and notice the steam hit your skin. Be aware of the moment and let yourself feel grounded and calm as you notice the world around you.

Feel The Water on Your Skin

Shower Meditation

When you step into the shower take a second to feel the water on your skin. Feel the little droplets running down your body and over your skin. Feel each individual particle of water washing down your body and imagine it taking your stress, anger, regret, sadness and negativity with it. Imagine these feelings as dirt on your skin that can run down the drain. Feel the water take everything with it.

Wash Your Thoughts and Your Hair

This is the time to massage your shampoointo your hair. Feel how your fingers touch your scalp and what your head feels like as the suds wash over it. As you rinse out the products from your hair imagine that you are rinsing out the negative thoughts from your mind. Let yourself cleanse your thoughts and wash them down the drain. Imagine the soap taking everything from your mind, so you are clear and light. 

Massage Your Body and Relax

Shower Gel

With your mind clear and your head very light, start to cleanse your body. Our Everyday Hero Shower Gel is perfect for your shower meditation routine because of the scents and the feeling on your skin. Take a moment to notice how your shower gel smells, feels and is. You'll get amazing scents of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary. Essential oils will waft through the steam around you, and take a moment to relax again, grounding yourself.

Take your Shower Gel or Soap and start massaging it into your skin. Start at your shoulders and arms, feel the way the Shower Gel invigorates your skin and is cleansing you. Take every single stroke with dedication, and really imagine it washing away the tension and stress in your body. Imagine it taking the stress out of your shoulders.

Work your way downward, pushing your stress and tension into the floor as you wash your lower back, legs and feet.

Finally, Just Breathe

Shower Meditation Outside

Take one more moment to feel the water. Let it wash the rest of your stress and tension away. Breathe in the steam around you and just notice how your body actually feels. Let the water do one last rinse, and then you can turn it off. Now you can feel clear and light for the rest of your day and it didn't take you any additional time.

How Often To Use Shower Meditation

You can actually incorporate shower meditation into your everyday routine. Your mind will be clear and you will feel the awareness, the sensitivity and the intention behind every single movement. This way of washing the stress away can actually make your whole day.

This is the meditation routine that doesn't take any more time than you already have. It is a great routine for those busy mornings or evenings. So, go ahead and shower meditate because you deserve self-care every single day.

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Sortia Lee Burnham
Sortia Lee Burnham

August 02, 2022

I am very glad I found this because I want to get back into meditation but don’t know how to do it. And water is the one thing take makes me happy and relaxed. So thanks for this.

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