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What is aroma or natural flavour?

We believe in being transparent with our customers, so when you read the words “aroma” or “natural flavour” in our ingredient list, it might raise the question: “What is that?” We totally understand.

We want to explain that sometimes we use natural flavours for their aroma. When you see “aroma” on our labels, it is in fact a natural flavour. We never use synthetic or compounded fragrances.

Flavours or aromas are proprietary (as in, belonging to the company who produces it) blends. Those blends are composed of either oil or water soluble flavouring ingredients to create the flavour/aroma profile. These blends are food-grade and safe for human consumption.

Flavour ingredients contain many natural compounds. The blend of these natural compounds is proprietary to the supplier, but all of these compounds come from natural sources such as fruit, nuts, and leaves. They name the aroma with the prefix of the relevant fruit or plant material, for example the “natural vanilla flavour/aroma” or “natural coconut flavour/aroma” you’ll find listed in our Vanilla Coconut line.

Our approved flavours are strictly natural and never contain Sodium Benzoate, Propylene Glycol or other synthetic solvents or preservatives.