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Coconut Flavour / Aroma

Coconut Flavour/Aroma

Coconut. There is so much to be said about coconut, however in this case we are talking about coconut flavour and aroma. This is something that is used in a variety of our products at Rocky Mountain Soap Company.

Coconut is a member of the palm tree family, but is the only known member of the genus cocos. Coconut derives a variety of products from coconut oil to coconut milk to the flesh of the coconut to coconut shell. A lot of these ingredients we also use at Rocky Mountain Soap.

Coconut flavour is a natural flavouring made from coconut that can be used in a variety of foods and cosmetics. It is concentrated to ensure that you get a lot of flavour of the coconut. Most of the time coconut flavour is made from soaking shredded coconut in either oil or alcohol.

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