Simple Ingredients


Instead of focusing on how we want the end product to look, we pick our ingredients based on how we want them to smell, feel and most importantly benefit your skin, hair, and body.

“If the final recipe isn’t completely scentless or colourless we don’t mind that. In fact, we celebrate and own it.”
– CEO, Karina Birch

We truly believe that simple, fresh, and fewer ingredients are better.

Making all of our products in small batches to maintain freshness, keeping our ingredients pronounceable, and working towards 10 ingredients or less helps us stay transparent and intentional about what goes in each product. While other companies’ ingredients list range anywhere from 25 to 45 ingredients per product we subscribe to the philosophy: less is more.

Keeping it simple allows us to choose each ingredient deliberately for its quality, safety, and benefits. Using organic whenever possible and working with local farmers, growers and wild foragers across Canada.

Carrots pic

Some of our Canadian superstars include:

We like to nerd out on the ingredients we use. If you want to join us we have a great resource called Naturalpedia.