March 31, 2022 2 min read

During Earth Month we celebrate Rocky’s history with nature. In 2022 we sat down with our co-founder and CEO, Karina, to talk about how she took a chance on natural over 22 years ago. We explored her experience over the last two decades and what continues to inspire her connection to the earth.

Cam and Karina

Cam & Karina

It's been 22 years of natural with Rocky. How does that feel?

We are pioneers in the industry and we had enormous formulation challenges to overcome in the early days. Today, we are so much better for that experience. The intimate knowledge and deep expertise we have in formulating natural allows us to do a lot of fun projects today. I feel a sense of accomplishment and honour for our history.

You ventured into natural at a time when it was not an easy or common thing to do. What was behind that choice?

It was a belief that we wanted to stand for something. Committing to 100% natural felt right and ethical. We didn’t want to be a natural company that didn’t go all the way.

Earth day every day

What does that connection with nature mean to you?

I could spend a lifetime talking about this. Nature gives us everything, clean air, drinking water, food, and medicine. Connecting with and learning about the natural world draws you in. There is intelligence, mystery, spirituality, and health wrapped up in the natural world. There is so much to discover.

Why is sustainability such a significant value for Rocky?

It’s about conservation and respect. It’s about being responsible with what we take from the earth and our impact on it. We are doing a lot here and have so much more we want to do. It’s a worthy challenge.


How does Rocky support earth-friendly practices in everyday operations?

We have solar panels at our workshop and offset our energy consumption with Bullfrog Power. We take back original packaging, sterilize, refill and put it back on the shelf. We are at the forefront of using post-consumer and plant-based plastics.

Why did you start the Rocky Refills program? Where did that idea come from?

Rocky Refills started with Cam, my husband and co-founder. He saw an easy opportunity to do more with what we have. By that, I mean taking existing packaging and giving it a second, third life. Let’s use what we already have to make more sustainable choices.

Here at Rocky we celebrate Earth Month during all of April. Keep learning about our initiatives and environmental efforts below:

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