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Hey there! Are you ready to find the best shampoo for you? Well, get ready to love your hair care!

Whether you loved Rocky hair care in the past or you've been searching for natural shampoo and want to make sure that the ingredients you are putting in your hair are good for you, we've got a shampoo for you. We've worked hard on our lineup of all-natural hair care that is all-natural, kind to your hair and will give you a good hair day every single day.

Our hair care line is the completely natural shampoo and conditioner line you've been waiting for (thank you for your patience)!

Hair Types

Choosing A Natural Shampoo

Choosing a natural shampoo means that you will get healthy, good for your hair ingredients that you can trust. You want your shampoo to be good for your hair above all else. Each of our shampoos is made with great ingredients and tailored to specific hair types and needs, so you can find the formula that is right for your hair.

Hair Care

Our Lineup of Shampoos

Before we dive in one choosing your perfect shampoo, we wanted to tell you the options of Wild Kindness Shampoo available to you.

Each and Every Wild Kindness Shampoos

Each of our Wild Kindness Shampoos has been created with the latest hair care science and best natural plant-based ingredients. From soap nut extract to amino acids, healthy oils to essential oils, every ingredient serves a purpose and is good for your hair.

Every single one of our shampoos is:

  • Formulated for healthy, balanced hair and scalp, whether you have wavy, curly or straight hair.
  • Safe for colour treated hair.
  • Made with only natural ingredients.
  • Made with plant-based materials only - no animal products here!

Hair Care

Diagnosing What Your Hair Needs

We know everyone's hair type and their needs are different. You have specific hair needs and you know how your hair behaves.

We want you to really think about how your hair is today and what you want to achieve when you're in the shower (we know, we know - you want clean, healthy, naturally shampooed hair, right!).

Questions to ask yourself about your hair:

  • How does your hair feel?
  • How much hair is on your head?
  • Do you colour treat your hair?
  • Do you heat treat or expose your hair to the elements?
  • Do you have concerns like dandruff or oil?
  • Do you find your hair limp or flat?

Some examples of how to think about your hair

Now that you've thought through the questions above, here are some examples of ways to think through your hair and choosing the right shampoo!

You may have normal hair if… you haven't altered your hair too much, you have kept it pretty natural and it is generally healthy ... if that sounds like you, you try Wild Kindness Shampoo - Nourish & Protect.

You may have damaged hair if… you bleach or colour treat your hair. You may also heat treat a lot … if that sounds like you, try Wild Kindness Shampoo- Repair & Replenish.

You may have dry hair if… you have been exposed to the elements or live in a dry climate (like a lot of the prairies) … if that sounds like you, try Wild Kindness Shampoo- Repair & Replenish.

You may have fine hair if… you have skinny strands of hair. You may have a lot of them, but they are pretty little when you look at each strand individually … if that sounds like you, try Wild Kindness Shampoo- Volumize & Clarify.

You may have thin hair if… you are losing hair, or have fewer hairs on your scalp … if that sounds like you, try Wild Kindness Shampoo- Volumize & Clarify.

Specific Hair Needs

Which shampoo is best for Dandruff or Dry Scalp? Some customers may find that the Wild Kindness Shampoo - Nourish & Protect shampoo is best because of the Rosemary and Mint. Rosemary Essential oil has a wide range of benefits including being antibacterial and preventing microbes on your scalp that cause dandruff.

Which shampoo is best for really Oily hair? Some customers may find that the Wild Kindness Shampoo- Volumize & Clarify shampoo is best because of its clarifying properties. With a slightly higher pH, it removes build-up and clarifies, which could be great for your oily hair.


What If I Fall into Two Categories?

We want to help you find some great options when choosing your Wild Kindness Shampoo, but you might also have characteristics of two different shampoos. We recommend choosing the one that fits most closely for you, but our Nourish & Protect Blend will work great for most hair types.

Help! I still can't decide!

Do you need more help choosing the right shampoo? Our customer service team is here to help! Contact us, and as always, we are more than happy to help you with choosing the right shampoo. You can online chat or call us.

Try it Guarantee

No matter which shampoo you choose to try, please know that if it doesn't work right, you can try another. All our products are backed by our guarantee. So, go ahead, lather up and find your perfect shampoo.

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Hello are any of your shampoos sulfate free ? Thank you.

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