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You don’t need to go to the spa to get a luxurious facial. Gua Sha is here to lift, firm and give you a glowing complexion, all from home. Release facial tension, stimulate circulation and get glowing.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique where you massage your skin with a tool. By gently running the tool over your skin — which can be made of stone like jade, rose quartz or many other materials, you stimulate circulation and blood flow to your skin.

That blood flow brings more oxygen to your skin, which stimulates cell regeneration, speeds healing and recovery and all that good stuff.


Karina, our co-owner and CEO, is a BIG fan of this practice. So we sat her down to share why exactly she loves Gua Sha so much and how she uses it.

How To Gua Sha

Your Gua Sha tool will glide over your skin best when paired with a facial oil like your favourite Serum or Transformative Cleansing Oil. The motion will also help deposit all that nourishing goodness.

1. Cleanse

Always start with a clean slate, cleanse your skin and be sure all your makeup has been removed. Looking for an all-in-one? Our Cleansing Oil not only cleanses your skin, but can remove even the toughest mascara. 

2. Facial Oil

To keep things gliding smoothly, not tug on your skin, and to create a more luxurious facial experience, use a few drops of serum or cleansing oil on your face. 

3. Massage

Hold your tool at a 15-45 degree angle (not 90) and smooth along skin in an upward motion. Massage for as long as you feel like it. Reapply oil as needed. 


Image of woman using Gua Sha tool on her neck.

When to Gua Sha

Practice Gua Sha anytime you want. Maybe you’ll look a little weird on the subway, we don’t recommend that. Karina, our CEO, is a huge fan of Gua Sha and she prefers practicing before bed for a relaxing facial massage.

The stone of (self) love

Our Gua Sha Tool is made of Rose Quartz, which is traditionally known as the stone of love. But we like to think of it as the stone of self love. Rose Quartz is believed to have healing and calming properties that create an environment of love and harmony. Who doesn’t want that?

Image of rose quartz hand crafted gua sha tools in a circle.


Have you ever had a Gua Sha facial massage? Let us know if you’re a fan!


5 Responses

Rocky Mountain Soap Company
Rocky Mountain Soap Company

March 12, 2021

Hi Ashley G. and Eva, thanks for your questions!

@EVA, the Gua Sha tool gives you more control and cna provide a deeper and more powerful massage.

@Ashley G., we have another useful video in our Instagram highlights. I can’t link to it in these comments, but if you go to our Instagram page and click the little circle that says “Gua Sha” you’ll have more info!

Thank you both for reaching out! Happy skin caring!

Ashley G.
Ashley G.

March 12, 2021

I’m finding I don’t quiet in stand the best way to hold the GUA SHA stone for the different parts of the face. I know that a little instruction card came with it but I’m still not terribly clear as to what it’s trying to tell me. I watched the video on the website and it helped but it did not show how to use it on some parts of the face. Do you have any other videos that act out the Instruction card motions?


February 09, 2021

I have seen them in ”rollers”. Are they as good?

Rocky Mountain Soap Company
Rocky Mountain Soap Company

February 01, 2021

Hi @Michelle thank you so much for sharing! What an amazing suggestion of practicing a full-body Gua Sha massage in the bath. We’re so thrilled to have this tool in our line, it’s truly so relaxing. Great suggestion, thank you!


February 01, 2021

Growing up in China, I can confirm that Gua Sha is an effective way to increase the blood flow and relax oneself. You can give yourself a full-body Gua Sha during a bath. It’s so relaxing and makes you feel healthier.

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