There is something to be said about using completely natural ingredients. It is the feeling of nature, of health, of good-for-you and peace of mind. There is something about knowing everything is "from the Earth" that just feels right. That is why these things are the epitome of Rocky.

As the warm weather springs into action, we wanted to take a moment to introduce you a little more to our Natural Standard and our natural ingredients. These are two things that are so important to us, and we wanted to shout it from the rooftops because we truly believe: Nature Is All You Need.


What is our Natural Standard

Our Natural Standard is at the core of how we create here at Rocky. We want to be transparent, open and 100% natural with you. Our Natural Standard is more than just a standard, and choosing natural ingredients isn’t a trend for us; it’s a way of life. 

One of our overarching values is our commitment to transparency and showing you exactly what is in what we make and the care that goes into crafting it. You know that if you look at the back of any of our products or browse online you'll see that the ingredients are things you can often recognize and almost always can pronounce. From shea butter to lemongrass and everything in between, we are making products that are good for you, often only 10 ingredients at a time.

We also can guarantee everything you get at Rocky is safe. 


What are Natural Ingredients?

Natural ingredients aren't just about choosing things that might be grown in the ground or made from the Earth. There is so much more than that to using only 100% natural ingredients. We need to find natural ingredients that are safe, healthy and can be processed naturally. This is because not everything that is natural is good for your skin or body; take arsenic for instance.


How do we vet our natural ingredients

When it comes to our natural ingredients we make sure they are all:

  • Guaranteed to be found in nature and good for you
  • As organic and local as is available
  • Won't be produced or extracted through environmentally harmful processes
  • Won't have harmful impacts on your body


    Why We Use 10 Ingredients or Less

    We create products with a less is more philosophy, meaning we don't use fillers and try to keep the ingredients to 10 or less. Instead of using 1% of something we might use 14%. This means that we can use ingredients that are multi-functional and have great benefits. We saw an increase in how well some products worked with a higher concentration of great carefully crafted ingredients.

    We embrace the colourless, the odourless and the natural! 

    Foot Butter $16.00 CAD
    Avocado Soap - Facial Bar $5.95 CAD
    Vanilla Coconut Bath Bomb $5.95 CAD
    Hydrating Toner $27.00 CAD

    Originally published April 18, 2019

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