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There’s a star ingredient in our Everyday Hero Shower Gel that you can also find in our Black Soap Paste — and it comes from compost.

That’s right, Humic Acid, the anti-inflammatory, gently exfoliating ingredient that helps elevate your shower to a whole new level is a by-product of vegetable scraps. Doesn’t get much more plant-based than that.

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Shower Gel vs Body Wash

The first, most obvious difference would be the texture. Shower gel is, well, a gel! It’s thicker and usually, at least in the case of our Everyday Hero Shower Gel a little goes a long way. Don’t let the all-natural label fool you, nature makes big lather. That’s the other reason you might opt for shower gel.

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Will it dry out my skin?

Some shower gels have a bad rep for being dehydrating, loaded with sulfates that strip your skin and packed with synthetic fragrances. At Rocky, we believe in only using natural ingredients and hydrated skin. That means that the burst of spa-like smell from our shower gel comes completely from nature: Eucalyptus, Mint and Rosemary. Humic Acid and Lactic Acid and vegetable-based Glycerin keep your skin soft and smooth.

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So what is Humic Acid?

At Rocky Mountain Soap Company, our Humic Acid is a dark-colored powder that is hydrated in water, made from the precipitate of compost and 100% plant-based. We chose to put Humic Acid in both our Shower Gel and the Black Soap Paste for its amazing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and exfoliating properties for healthy skin. This is the ingredient that gives these products amazing benefits and their signature caramel colour.


GIF of woman in lab mixing humic acid 

Humic Acid comes from what happens when plant materials break down into compost. They’re components of humus, which in soil science is most often used to describe natural and mature compost. In natural environments, humus helps the plants and soil above it retain moisture and nutrients. You can also see this on a household level when you compost.

So go ahead, lather up!

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Rocky Mountain Soap Company
Rocky Mountain Soap Company

January 28, 2021

Hi @DOROTHY Thank you so much for the feedback. We love trying different things and also love hearing from you, our Rocky Community, on what you think. We’ll definitely keep your feedback in mind. We’re also so glad you love hearing the ingredient stories! Thank you so much for sharing your insights. It’s greatly appreciated!

~ Sara


January 28, 2021

I really enjoy your products and the emphasis on naturally based ingredients and no animal testing. I just wanted to comment while reading your article on humic acid, I found it very difficult to concentrate on the information while photos are rapidly flashing on the screen. It is visually annoying and I skipped through the article quickly. A suggestion that perhaps a still photo or ones that change at a slower pace might be more effective. Thank you.

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