May 24, 2019 4 min read

Go Ahead Get Sweaty

It's hot out but even the warm weather isn't going to stop us from running, biking, playing sports and getting sweaty. We love the feeling of summer on our skin. You know the one - warm fresh air and hot sun. It makes getting sweaty and feeling sporty outside even better.

Running in the summer

We love to play outside in the grass and run through the hills. Whether you are running a marathon, playing frisbee, mountain biking, having a friendly game of soccer, completing an obstacle course or just walking the dog, here are some great tips to get clean, get fresh and stay cool before, during and after you get sweaty outside. This is a great way to feel summer fresh but also keep your summer skin glowing.

These are some great summer sport cool-off get-clean tips, and we love them.

Don't Forget Your Sunscreen

As you're getting sweaty and feeling sporty, don't forget your sunscreen. Our Natural Sunscreen is the perfect pairing for your summer sporty days. Reapply after getting sweaty to make sure that you always have that amazing summer protection and not the bitter burn of the sun. The vanilla coconut scent will keep you feeling fresh and nice smelling. Preventing sunburn and overexposure is key when getting sporty outside for your health and happiness.

Summer Sunscreen

Oh, and don't forget your lips. Keep that pucker summer ready with our SPF Lip Butter. This will give you perfectly kissable summer lips with no burn in sight.

Guzzle that H2O

No summer sweat session cool-off is complete without drinking a lot of water. It is important to stay hydrated in the heat and the sun. So, make sure to bring your reusable bottle and fill it often. When you're sweating outside you want to make sure you are hydrating before, during and after activity.

Drink Water

If it is really hot out or you are outside for long periods of time, you want to add some electrolytes to your drink. Some amazing natural electrolytes include coconut water, lemons and green vegetables (did someone say green juice?).

Reapply the Deodorant

We all want to feel amazingly fresh when we are sweating outside. So grab our Natural Deodorant to keep your pits smelling fresh and clean. It's great to apply more deodorant too if you can't hit the shower right away after breaking a sweat. Natural deodorant is amazing for your health as you aren't putting anything bad in your pits.

Jump into the water

Summer Water

We all know that getting in the shower feels so nice after getting totally sweaty. Whether you are showering off at the gym, the park or the beach, jumping straight into the water is obviously a great step to get fresh after sweating in the summer sun.

Reach for the shower gel

 Shower Gel

Our Everyday Hero Shower Gel will truly be your hero after you are finished breaking a sweat. Not only is it exfoliating, good for your skin and smells amazing, but it will leave you feeling clean and fresh. It is truly an experience for your shower and gives you a couple of extra minutes of me-time. So get super fresh and clean with this Shower Gel.

Clean That Sweaty Face

After being outside, covered in sweat, dirt and sunscreen, you want to keep your face looking and feeling fresh. You definitely want to clean it off asap, because no one likes that feeling on their face.


Though it might sound counterintuitive, our Transformative Cleansing Oil is amazing on your face. It will remove waterproof makeup, sunscreen, dirt and sweat. It has balancing effects of essential oils that are great for your skin.

Soak Those Tired Muscles


Bathing is probably the last thing you want to do after being in the summer sun. Are we right? But a bath with some amazing Wellness Bath Salts might just be what your sore, tired, sweaty muscles need after summer sports. This is especially great for those hot sweaty feet, and having the chance to dunk them in some refreshing water. Our Sport Salts are great for this. Remember if you've been sweating and sporty, drink lots of water and don't stay in hot water too long. This is a great rejuvenation before bed.

Soothe Your Summer Skin

Rock Climbing

If you've been sweating outside, you've been under the summer sun. That's a fact. So, if you happen to have had just a little too much sun, grab our Calendula After Sun Butter. It is made with only natural ingredients that will soothe and nourish your skin. Just lather it on and you are on your way to a summer glow. 

Freshen Your Face

Keeping your face hydrated is a great way to feel clean and fresh. Moisturization is key all year round in order to have that healthy glow we all crave. Our Essential Face Cream certainly leaves your face refreshed and glowing. It is perfect after you've finished an outdoor sweat session and are all cleaned up.

Skip The Makeup

Skip the makeup

Makeup can clog your pores in the summer sun, especially as you are sweating and exercising. So skip the makeup, go all-natural, and know you are beautiful as you are.

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