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Let's talk about LOVE. Okay, okay, we know it's not Valentine's Day, but why do we need a specific time to talk about love?

Love is so basically human, in some ways as basic as it comes. We love our family, our friends, our pets and the people around us. Even further, we love our country, our home, our jobs and our lives. Most of us consider ourselves loved and love in return.

Let's Talk about Love

Love is simple, it just is, but it also everything. Whether it is said in three little words "I love you" or thrown around as "love", it is something that is felt and experienced. It is an emotion that brings us all together. Love is inclusive, supportive, unwavering and strong.

That is why we are excited to talk about LOVED - our first liquid feature soap!

A Little Background On Our New Feature Soap

At Rocky, we decided to collaborate with Mr. Fabulous @immrfabulous and the Loved Campaign for our feature soap of August. This collaboration is to support and encourage a cause that is close to our hearts here at Rocky, not as a brand, but as humans.

When Ryan (aka Mr.Fab) reached out we had to jump on being included in the LOVED Collection for the LOVED Campaign.

Choosing Loved

The Story Behind Loved

The LOVED Campaign and LOVED Collection was an idea born out of Ryan's (Mr. Fabulous') experience last year in Nashville. When he went to Nashville Pride it was a very different experience for him than previously in Canada. He was immediately bombarded by signs that were negative, hurtful and mean.

However, amongst the chaos and the noise, one girl stood in front of the mob with a small sign that read:

"You are valid and loved."

It was as simple as that. Five little words that changed his perspective and sparked an idea. 

But one word, in particular, stood out: LOVE

Thinking about it now, Ryan says that is was a game-changer for him. It completely changed his perspective and instead of fighting he wanted to make an impact. Because one word can truly make a difference for people.

So, why the Love Collection?

The products and features that are coming together for the LOVED Collection are so diverse, from alcohol to soap (ours) to gelato. The products are as diverse and inclusive as the colourful messaging behind them.

"It's not to sell something," Ryan said. The entire collection is not about sales or gimmicks, it is about bringing together people, brands and ideas to show one message - that you are loved.

You are loved

As he said: "I know and I hope this will make a difference in someone's life. It's a social dialogue about loving and supporting everyone." No matter what. "We want to bring together brands that can come together, that have our back, to [share] the message that [everyone is] loved."

Choosing the Ingredients for Loved

We got to bring in Ryan (aka Mr. Fab) to help choose the scent and look of the feature soap. Our amazing product developer and herbalist Tara sat with him and walked through all the different possibilities that he could choose for our new LOVED soap.

Bringing someone in to choose the scent of a soap was a fun and new thing for Rocky. Because the scent could consist of so many different things and that scent is a really personal experience, this soap could really be Ryans. 

Choosing Loved

With this feature soap, in particular, Tara said, "I was told I could get a little bit more out there and have some more flexibility." This meant that she could use different ingredients and choose scents to showcase that would really speak to Ryan (aka Mr. Fab). He loved some things and didn't love others. 

In the end, he chose a scent that he described as beautiful. 

So, then what is the Loved Soap?

The Loved feature soap is a liquid hand and body wash, it is truly an Everything Wash. Moreso, it is a signature scent (chosen by Ryan) in our Castile based soap.

LOVED, is equal parts luxurious and beautiful.

Loved Feature Soap

The main ingredient that Ryan loved was Palo Santo. Palo Santo is regarded as a sacred oil of transformation as it should only be harvested from aged wood after the tree has died and aged. It is claimed to strengthen and enlighten and has a great botanical history.

So with love, from our Rocky family to yours, we are so excited to be a part of the LOVED Collection and for you to experience our LOVED feature soap.

To find out more about Mr Fabulous, please visit immrfabulous.com
or visit on social media at @immrfabulous on Instagram.

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Rocky Mountain Soap Company
Rocky Mountain Soap Company

March 30, 2020

@JESSICA Unfortunately this awesome soap was one of our “featured” (now known as Community Bar) limited edition soaps. We can’t say for sure that it will be back but we have a new limited edition scent every month. We’re so glad you LOVED it.


March 30, 2020

Hello! This is my favourite soap. I just went to pick some up from the store but it was sold out!? Please tell me you will be releasing this again! The worker at your shop told me how she stocked up on it. I had no idea it was a feature soap or I would have also. If there are anymore in stock I will by it!

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