Toe-Tally Love Your Feet

April 10, 2019 3 min read

Five steps to perfect feet

Anyone else feel like the snow just melted but they're ready to break out the flip-flops? Just us? With the sun coming up earlier and the warm afternoons, we already feel like summer is so close. With that being said your covered feet, and boot stuffed heels might need just a little bit of love before they break back into the world. From tired toes to dry heels, foot care is really important, so it is time to toe-tally love your feet.

Stick your feet out the window. Love you feet and make sure you have great foot care.

With these five steps, enjoy a home foot care routine that really works to make you feel as though you just had a spa treatment.


Your feet go through a lot in the day, whether you are running around for all of it or sitting at a desk. They are put in shoes, on floors and carry you around. To start your luxurious foot love routine you want to make sure your feet are clean and ready for all the pampering they are going to get. This is where you want to lather up your feet, get them nice and sudsy, and wash away any dirt and lint (you know how those fluffy socks get).

Clean off your feet with fresh water and minty tea tree

We love grabbing a wet washcloth and our favourite scent of soap like Minty Tea Tree. A lather of soap, some warm running water and a washcloth are the perfect trio to clean your feet so they are feeling fresh.


After your feet are squeaky clean, fill your bathtub's bottom or a basin with warm water because it's time to soak those toes! Make sure the water is a nice temperature, and add your favourite Bath Salts. Bath salts and Epsom salts are great for soothing your tired feet and drawing out any toxins. They also help you to clean and refresh your feet.

 Rocky Mountain Soap Company bath salts for soaking your feet

Let your feet soak for ten minutes and let the bath salts do the hard work. Use this as a time to kick back and relax. You can light a candle, read a book or just watch your feet in the silky water. Just take a second and breathe!


While your feet are still wet, it is a great time to slough off dead skin and refresh your feet and heels. Grab a pumice stone and dip it into the warm water. Take a few minutes to work the stone in gentle circular motions on your heels and feet, stopping at any point when your feet feel sensitive or sore.

Why a pumice stone though? A pumice stone is actually a type of hardened volcanic rock that has a texture perfect for your feet. It is actually considered a volcanic glass as it doesn't have a crystal structure (so it isn't sharp). This type of stone is porous (it has a lot of holes) too which makes it great for soaking in warm water and really getting the dead skin off of your feet.


After using the pumice stone, rinse off your feet and grab your scrub. At this stage in your foot care routine, you want something less harsh like a sugar scrub. This is because you have sloughed off quite a bit of dead skin from your feet with the pumice stone. A sugar scrub is less harsh than a coarse grain scrub or salt scrub, meaning it will work to exfoliate and soften your feet gently!

Working in circular motions again, apply the scrub to your feet, heels and ankles. Finally, rinse the scrub off, and pat your feet dry.


After your feet have been patted dry, you want to moisturize. Moisturizing your feet is very important because you have just scrubbed off dead skin and exfoliated. Your pores are open and you have removed some dead layers, which means that your feet are ready to absorb and hydrate.

Adding a foot butter or lotion to your feet will make them hydrated, soft and perfect for spring. To really moisturize, grab our handy-dandy Foot Butter and apply it to your freshly cleaned and exfoliated feet. You can work this into your feet and heels and it will work magic on your feet. The formula is filled with nourishing ingredients that make it a superhero for your feet.

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