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Evaporated Cane Sugar

We don't use Sugar often, but when we do, it is in our Sugar Scrub. Delicate and delectable on your skin this is a natural exfoliant that is awesome for revitalizing your skin. Our evaporated cane sugar is 100% natural, kosher and organic. It is great for sloughing off dead skin cells and improving circulation.

Evaporated Cane Sugar is a natural sugar product. It is made through the crystallization of the sap that has been extracted from the sugar cane. Since Cane Sugar also has to meet very strict food-grade regulations it goes through extensive testing. It is good to note that all sugar needs to be boiled and go through some natural processing to remove impurities that may be harmful, however Evaporated Cane Sugar goes through minimal steps. This ensures that it has less of an environmental footprint than regular sugar and still contains some of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and other essential nutrients the sugar cane started with.

When added to our Sugar Scrubs it lets you work it onto your skin and exfoliate naturally. You can get it right onto your skin and enjoy the wonderful smells of the sugar scrubs. The sugar naturally exfoliates your skin to leave you glowing and fresh.

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