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Frankincense | Naturalpedia



Traditionally considered a priceless essential oil, frankincense is rich in nutrients, history, and spirituality. The oil is Derived from the  Boswellia Sacra tree, indigenous to the middle east. The tree grows wild, sturdy and strong seeming to rise from adversity with its thick trunk crowned by forest green leaves, a stark contrast amongst a sparse landscape. With its strong stature, it’s no wonder Frankincense symbolizes honor, status, and kingdom.

More recently, the benefits of this noble oil have been studied extensively. Proven to stimulate blood flow, frankincense can promote the healing of scars, reduce redness caused by blemishes and help maintain the integrity of the skin. It absorbs well through the epidermis providing moisture and promoting the regeneration of cells. The stimulating aspects of this oil provide a dewy, youthful glow. Symbolically representing, the future, studies have proven the folklore true- this oil will help you feel your best, well into your future.

Furthermore, the invigorating scent helps liven your day with it’s refreshing, subtly spicy earth notes. It’s often used to help fight the symptoms of fatigue, headaches and respiratory illness.