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Spearmint, also known as Mentha spicata, is a member of the mint family and naturally contains 0.5% menthol. It is an herb that has a sweeter taste than peppermint and is more delicate. Commonly, Spearmint is used in toothpaste, gum, beauty products, soap and food products. As an herb, it is packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are great for you.

The name Spearmint actually comes from the spear-shaped leaves. This herb grows most diversely throughout Asia and Europe but is actually found on five continents across the world. It is actually native to the Balkan Peninsula and Turkey but has been naturalized across the planet as it grows well in most temperate climates. Spearmint is a popular member of the mint family that is used across the beauty, health and food industries.

This common herb has been used for most of recorded history being mentioned in ancient mythology and texts dating back to the 1st century AD. Evidence showed that parts of the world actually started using mint in toothpaste and oral treatments in the 1300s, and that spearmint was domesticated in Europe and England in the 1400s. This makes it a well-known herb that has been used for hundreds of years.

Spearmint's therapeutic properties resemble that of peppermint, it is a stimulant; however, the effects of spearmint are gentler and sweeter. Often used to energize the mind and body and for a refreshing effect. From being great in tea, as an essential oil or on its own, Spearmint actually has a multitude of benefits and is really good for you. Spearmint is known to have benefits for your digestive health, and in combating stress, fatigue and headaches, just to name a few.

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