Why Toxin Free?

We feel that when an ingredient has been identified as potentially harmful it is safest to avoid it. Period.

Imagine your skin as the earth. Just as rain, snow, sunlight, pesticides and environmental pollution penetrate the soil, whatever goes on your skin goes into your body. In fact, your skin absorbs anywhere from about 21 – 100% of what you put on it…a great reason to choose toxin-free.

The average female uses 12 personal care products a day, exposing themselves to a cocktail of synthetic chemicals. Since the skin has the ability to absorb, and body tissue has the ability to store, toxins add up. The toxic load in your body at any given time is called Body Burden, and its different for everyone.

Life is not about eliminating your favourite dessert or never dyeing your hair if that’s what makes you feel great. We think its a healthier philosophy to simply educate yourself on what you’re exposing yourself to so that you can make informed decisions, and minimize your body burden.

Choosing natural isn’t a trend, its a way of life. Every product you’ll find on this site is therapeutic, toxin-free and 100% natural…no fluff, no synthetics. That way there is no guesswork, and you can focus on choosing between lavender and lemongrass, or coconut and jojoba.