Have you checked the ingredients?

December 24, 2014 1 min read

Meet Leah!

Leah came into our Metropolis at Metrotown location to check out the foaming wash, on her way to her favourite store to buy bath and beauty products.

She helped by our Customer Experience Manager, Mary, who went through some of the scents and our products.

Leah wasn’t convinced our scents would match her favourite scents from another store, so took some information that Mary gave her about the Toxin-FREE movement, our Red list (ingredients that we will never use and should be avoided) and went to her favourite stores with our Red List in hand and checked out her favourite products ingredients.

An hour later Leah was back at Rocky Mountain Soap Company and told Mary that she was shocked by what she found. Upon reading the ingredients in her favourite products, she noticed the toxins that she had no idea were in there.

Thank you Leah for coming back and telling us what you found, and we’re so happy to have you a part of the Toxin-FREE Movement!

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