November 09, 2023 3 min read

Embracing sustainable gifting is not just a choice; it's a way to honour our deep connection with nature. Transitioning to eco-conscious wrapping is a simple and impactful way to minimize waste and bring an added touch of nature to your all-natural gifts.

Whether you visit us in-store, shop online or choose to wrap your gifts at home, we have several Earth-friendly options for wrapping with intention this holiday season.



Come into our store and we can help you curate the perfect gift.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select & fill your gift box — Ask our retail team to help you select the perfect size. All of our gift boxes are made with FSC-certified paper.
  2. Wrap it sustainably — We offer a number of our reusable gift wrap options including:
    1. Sustainable silk ribbon or recycled cotton string made from pre-consumer textile waste that has been transformed into something beautiful.
    2. Reusable Furoshiki Wrap and Cotton Pouches that are designed to be reused and loved again. Both can be purchased in-store and online.
  3. Add nature— We add a touch of nature to each gift by dressing it with fresh natural greenery.


Once you’ve found your perfect all-natural gifts online, select the gift-wrapping option in the online cart.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select a gift box—Once your order is placed, our shipping team will select your box and fill it with your all-natural gifts.  All of our gift boxes are made with FSC-certified paper.
  2. Wrap it sustainablyWe wrap your gift box with our sustainable silk ribbon made from repurposed scraps produced by India's textile industry — giving a second life to discarded off-cuts that would otherwise find their way to landfills.
  3. Write a custom note — ​​Our shipping team will handwrite a note at your request. ​​To add a handwritten gift note, check the box in your online cart and enter your message.
  4. Ship your gift with love



    Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese art of fabric wrapping, holds a rich history dating back thousands of years. Originally used to transport personal belongings, it later evolved into a symbol of beauty using ornate fabrics to wrap gifts, clothing and other precious items. Furoshiki can be reused and passed down through generations, reflecting Japan's reverence for nature and the efficient use of resources. It continues to be a cherished tradition, celebrated for its versatility, practicality and sustainability.

    Try Rocky’s take on Furoshiki by purchasing your ownreusable fabric wrap or our reusable cotton pouches in-store or online. 


    Often sustainability is about reusing what we have and reinventing it into something beautiful that we can enjoy again.

    This holiday season, opt for eco-conscious gift wrapping by repurposing fabric scraps and reusable gift bags or get creative by upcycling materials like newspapers and magazines you likely have on hand. You can also elevate your gifts with a touch of nature, by adding festive greenery, twigs, or pinecones for a nature-friendly twist.


    Did you know each gift set or gift box you purchase gives back to nature?

    This holiday season, for every gift box or gift set you purchase, we’re giving back to nature by donating $1 to the Nature Conservancy of Canada to support the preservation and protection of Canada’s wild spaces, including our prairie grasslands — one of the most endangered ecosystems on the planet.


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