We are handmade in the Canadian Rockies, and this is something that we are always raving about.

As Canadians we aren’t scared to get outside, get dirty and feel the world around us. Canada makes us better and gives us so much inspiration for our products.

Canada Proud

When people think about Canada, there isn’t only one thing to say, there is so much to be proud of, to admire, to be amazed by. We’ve got a huge beautiful country. From sprawling coastal landscapes to rolling golden fields, twenty-four hour sunlight to beautiful great lakes. From coast to coast to coast, we are Canada.

We are so proud to be Canadian and proud to make Canadian made beauty products. Everything is made right here in Canada. We use Canadian suppliers when possible, and decided to showcase them!

Just in time for Canada Day

So, just in time for Canada Day, we reached out to our fans, customers and the community to see Canada through their eyes. We wanted to showcase how big, beautiful, magnificent and bold Canada is.

This is Canada, this is Natural, this is Rocky.

Juicy Orange Soap $5.95 CAD
Lemongrass Hand & Body Wash $14.00 CAD
Foot Butter $16.00 CAD

Originally published June 27, 2019

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