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Put on your oxygen mask first so that you are able to help others, just like on a plane in an emergency — that’s one way to think of self-care. It’s making sure that you’re the best self you can be and put that great energy into your family, friends and the world. At Rocky we say “Self-care isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.” We say that all year round but in this globally stressful time it has become extra important. Here’s a list of ways to self-care while social distancing:

Get outside

We’re hearing this one a lot but if you’re able to get outside, connecting to nature has amazing health benefits, like reducing stress levels and upping your creativity and focus.. Walking or running clears your mind and of course helps your physical health. If you’re lucky enough to have a river to run or walk along, then even better! In the city, the park is a great place to enjoy the out of doors, but also long walks using residential, less busy streets.

Guided meditation

Our co-owner and CEO Karina, likes to start the day with 15-20 minutes of guided meditation in the morning using an app like Insight Timer or Calm. The 10 Percent Happier meditation app has included a free Coronavirus Sanity Guide. Anxiety can be contagious, so why not help spread the calm instead?

Bring the spa to you

Let’s face it, you’ve got nowhere to be. Forget the guilt and indulge in that at-home spa. Here are our tips for building the perfect at-home spa.

Get sweating—in your living room

Or don’t sweat it with gentle yoga. It’s up to you. There are so many yoga or other exercise classes online for free to keep your mind centred during this pandemic. Also check out what your local studio is offering. A lot of them may be sharing free or very affordable online courses (a staff favourite right now is WildHeart in Canmore, that starts at free for 7 days). Then you’ll be able to join the community IRL when this is over. Take advantage!

Woman practicing yoga in her living room.

Stick to a routine

We’re all craving a sense of normalcy right now, and sticking to a routine can really help. Whether

you’re working from home or not, trying to wake up and go to bed at a regular time for you will help keep your mind at ease and out of the chaos.

Find your inner child

You don’t need to have kids to indulge in a classic Disney movie and a bubble bath, complete with bath bombs or soothing salts. Or go ahead and revisit that old video game you used to love. You’ll be amazed at how much time you can kill without looking at your phone!

Woman relaxing in bath with natural rocky mountain soap massage oil.

Know the facts …

Get your information only from trusted sources, like Health Canada or a news source that you trust. But try to keep it to once a day, so you’re informed but not overwhelmed.

… But be sure to disconnect

It’s good to stay informed and to arm your brain with facts, but try to avoid overloading yourself. Limit your social media intake and try to go analog—with time for reading books or journaling.

Get cooking

If you haven’t already joined the legions of people baking bread at home, now’s the time to try! Stress baking is actually not a new thing and some people take comfort out of the tangible, physical aspect of creating something from scratch. If bread isn’t your thing, try any new recipe. It’s meditative and takes focus to learn a new recipe. And you’ll be upping your kitchen repertoire for when self-isolation is over. If you want to get creative with your pantry, challenge yourself with a pantry staples recipe.

Woman pouring oats into a bowl.

Connect with friends

Make more phone calls and have more virtual gatherings to stay connected to your loved ones and keep you grounded. Why not host a virtual gathering? Here’s our guide to being the virtual hostess with the mostest.

Get crafty

Raw a picture, do a finger paint, journal with markers and let your mind wander. There are all sorts of crafts you can do at home or even just creating with a pen and paper. Mindful drawing is meditative, relaxing, the perfect way to self-care right now (and no one ever needs to see your finished product). That can be simply relaxing, focussing on your breath and drawing circles or lines. Let your pen guide you and your mind relax. You can also use an adult colouring book (or maybe even borrow a page from your kid’s book, if they don’t mind sharing).

If you want to make a game of it, how about make it a game of BINGO? We've put together this self-care BINGO card for you. If you want a printer-friendly version, simply click on the image!

Rocky self care BINGO card.

How are you practicing self-care at this time?

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Kathy H.
Kathy H.

April 13, 2020

We have been keeping ourselves busy with dog walks, sitting on the front steps, connecting with family and friends in different ways. We also keep up with each other and try to give each other space each day in different ways, so that the 4 of us adults and two dogs are in good, positive moods.


April 13, 2020

Good advice! Thank you so much for sharing this.

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