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Alright, we admit it — we're addicted to nature. We love getting fully booked in nature. It's our passion and we love sharing it with you through our all-natural products and lifestyle. 

But did you know that spending time outdoors is scientifically proven to be good for you? And there's never been a better time than now to get outside and connect to nature. 

There are so many reasons to get out into the park, on the path or into the woods. From your mental health to your stress levels, nature can actually play a huge role in your health.

Person walking through the forest with tall trees.

Why Connect to Nature

Connecting to nature has amazing health benefits that have been explored since the 1800s. So, for over 200 years people have known that getting outside, being in nature, and feeling a better connection is worthwhile for their health.

Here are six reasons to connect to nature that are scientifically proven!

Image of woman hiking alone on a mountain trail.

1. Improved Mental Energy

Ever feel completely drained and mentally exhausted? Have you found that staring out a window, taking a walk through the park or actually going on a nature retreat solved all your problems? Well, you are not alone. It has been extensively studied that nature actually improves your mental energy and stamina.

In 2016, a study was published about ART (Attention Restoration Theory). Developed by Rachel and Stephen Kaplan, ART is all about the ways that exposure to nature can improve our concentration and ability to focus. ART hypothesizes that nature can act as a reset on your brain, especially after working on a large project or studying for an exam. Basically, nature restores your attention and mental energy. This is a huge reason to go outside.

So, for improved mental energy, take a walk or get out in nature.

image of ice skates on frozen lake.

2. Amazing Creativity

When you are stuck in front of a screen all day, being super creative can be hard. Everyone has experienced this type of stagnation and lack of creativity. But getting yourself out in nature for a few days or an hour can actually help you reset your creative juices.

A study published in PLOS ONE took 56 people into the wilderness on either a four or a six-day camping trip throughout the United States. These people were given a creativity test before and after. The average score was 4.14 before the trip, and 6.08 after the trip. Now, to put that into perspective, it is a 50% increase just from going outside. These people spend four or six days with no technology, and just being immersed in nature which led to a significant increase in creativity.

Doesn't that sound like a great way to get your passion and creativity flowing again?

3. Stress Reduction

It sometimes feels like we live in a world that is constantly stressing us out. That's possibly more relevant now than ever! However, there have been countless studies that spending time in nature actually reduces your cortisol levels, the hormone associated with stress.

This is where something like forest bathing or forest therapy come in. Spending time by the trees or even in a park, you can get a healthy boost of stress reduction.

4. Better Concentration

Concentration is key, especially at work. We all know that some days are harder than others to concentrate. But did you know even just looking at nature can help with your concentration? Say what now?

Going out for a walk or looking at nature actually calms the receptors in your brain and eases your mind. This can help you concentrate and be productive. A study published in Landscape and Urban Planning linked going through green spaces to an increased level of meditation and calm.

two women sitting across from each other on swings

5. Immune System Boost

Did you know that plants actually give off something called Phytoncides? These are volatile essential oils that have a stress-relieving effect. These essential oils actually give a sense of calm and have an immune cell response. In simple terms, your immune system is heightened when you are out in the trees.

This is another great impact of hiking, walking and forest bathing. You are getting all the Phytoncides and your immune system is getting a little boost.

6. Improved Memory

Feeling forgetful? Nature can help! Seriously.

The University of Michigan actually took groups of students and gave them a memory test. Then they sent them to walk around either in a busy street or a green space. Guess what, those that were in nature performed 20% better.

How To Connect to Nature

There is a moment of calm when you go outside, are we right? Whether you are just walking through the park or you are going into the backcountry, connecting to nature is healthy and energizing.

But, connecting to nature doesn't have to be difficult, out of the way or require a ton of energy. In fact, you can connect to nature in your background, at a community garden, in the park or with plants in your office.

image of woman looking at lake and mountains.

Easy Ways to Get Out in Nature

  • Try forest bathing
  • Sit by the plants in your work space
  • Find a hidden gem of green (or snowy!) space
  • Take a walk through your favourite park in any season
What's your favourite way to connect to nature?

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