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The bears are tucked away, hibernating, and resting up to be their best selves for spring. You should too. If the winter blues have got you down, it’s time to close the door and get your own hibernate and hydrate ritual going.

Spa prep

The first, not so fun part: tidy your space. Give a quick scrub to the tub if you’re a bath person. Make the bed (hint: a spritz of calming Wellness Spray on the linens really ups your luxury game). You want to have a peaceful space to unwind in when you’re finished your spa day.

Set the mood

Dim the lights and spark up a candle. Research shows that mood lighting goes beyond looking pretty. It actually affects our decision making when it comes to the pleasurable versus the practical. This is believed to be in part because when the lights are dim, you tend to not worry about what others are thinking of you. So turn off the overheads and indulge in yourself! 

Tub or shower?

That’s up to you. Some people love the bath, others hate it. If you’re a shower person, transform your bathroom into an eucalyptus steam room with our Everyday Hero Shower Gel, or Black Soap Paste for a little extra exfoliation.. If you’re a bath person, get your bath the perfect temperature and dress it up with a bath bomb, all natural bubble bath, or bath salts. To get super fancy and fun, check out these recipes for the bath.

Woman in bath with headphones on, jar of all natural locally made Rocky Mountain Soap Company bath salts in the background.

Rub a dub dub

Spa time is about shedding the old — skin, that is. If you don’t have a Rocky Body Scrub, you can mix your own using olive oil and sugar from your kitchen. Grab a Face Polish and get ready to rejuvenate. When you exfoliate your skin, you’re priming it to be more receptive to the creams and serums you apply afterward, so they reach peak power.

Pro tip: If you don’t have a face mask handy, let the Face Polish dry on your skin. The clay in the ingredients will act like a mask.

From head to toe

Part of the perfect spa day is paying attention to those body parts that are often neglected, like your hands and feet.

For an all natural manicure, grab your hand butter and crystal nail file and follow these steps.

As for your toesies, they can get so dry and cracked stuffed in socks (or maybe by a toasty fire) all winter. After soaking in the tub and scrubbing with your scrub, it’s time to whip out the Foot Butter and follow these steps.

Image of woman in bath robe rubbing Foot Butter on her heel.

The wind down

The most important part of the spa day is the deep sense of relaxation afterwards. Once you’re done your bath, retire to those wonderfully scented linens (aren’t you glad you set that up?) and relax. Slather yourself in a Body Butter or Body Oil to lock in that moisture. You’ve now set the stage perfectly for meditation, digging into that new book, journaling — whatever you want to do. It’s your time.

What’s your recipe for the perfect spa?

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Rocky Mountain Soap Company`
Rocky Mountain Soap Company`

October 02, 2020

Hi @Diane! You might enjoy our Just breathe Wellness Spray. Personally, I love using the Black Soap Paste or Everyday Hero Shower Gel in a steamy shower and letting the Eucalyptus fill up the bathroom. It feels like and at-home spa!

~ Sara

Diane Smith
Diane Smith

October 02, 2020

I’m looking for a spray scent to use in the steam shower, like a eucalyptus blend.
Do you have anything like this?

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