June 14, 2019 3 min read

Everyone wants glowing, gorgeous skin, period. But this is especially true in the summer when it might be more exposed and you're showing off a little bit more. Now, you might be tempted to grab the bronzer and fake tanner as a quick fix but what if we told you that you don't need all that… What if we told you glowing skin starts in the shower?

Summer Shower

This is your perfect summertime shower routine, so you can feel beautiful and clean for whatever the summer days throw at you. Whether you are travelling, out adventuring or spending your summer in the city, nothing feels better than feeling fabulous and absolutely glowing. This starts with your shower skin care routine.

So exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize, because this is your summer shower routine. After which your skin will be revitalized, beautiful and glowing. Let's jump in!

Dry Brush

Did you know dry brushing increases circulation and actually helps with your skin's rejuvenation? This little step is something you could do every single day before jumping into the shower and is a great step for when the water is heating up.

Dry brushing should start at your feet and work towards your heart. You want to work in circular motions with a dry bristled brush on your skin. It has been proven that dry brushing actually stimulates your lymphatic system and helps your body detoxify. It will also help with circulation which will leave you glowing. This is a great first step for your shower glow routine.

Keep Your Water Lukewarm

Watch Your Water Temp

Hot water might be what you crave but it actually isn't great for your skin. Really hot water can actually damage your skin. In the summer keep your showers warm, but not hot (you don't want the hot water in the heat anyways right?). This will give you the benefits of some steam and pore opening, without harming your skin. Hot water can actually get rid of your skin's natural oils and leave you feeling dry. This is definitely not what your skin needs to be summer fresh and glowing.

Wash Your Skin

During the summer, you'll probably have a buildup of sunscreen and sweat. This is why you want to exfoliate and wash your skin. Washing with a Natural Soap Bar or our Everyday Hero Shower Gel will keep your skin clean and clear. Wash away all the dirt, sweat and sunscreen from your days adventuring outside. The Everyday Hero Shower Gel will also give you a light exfoliation due to its humic acid.

Shave Naturally

Shave Naturally

Shaving your skin can leave your legs, armpits, body feeling great. You might shave to show them off in the sun, but make sure that you use a natural, moisturizing shave bar. Shaving can definitely dry out your skin, that's why you want to do it in a way that moisturizes and soothes. Grab a Rocky Shave Bar, and you'll be on your way to glowing smooth skin.

Don't Forget Your Face

You are probably focused on your body while in the shower, but did you know that you can use our Face Polishes in the shower? This is a great way to give your face some exfoliation while you lather, rinse and repeat. Mix a small amount of the face polish with some water and work it in gentle circular motions on your face and neck. Make sure to avoid your eyes and rinse it off. Exfoliation is great for removing dead skin cells, shedding off those old layers and refreshing your skin.

Make Sure To Moisturize

After getting out of the shower, your skin may start to feel dry. This is actually an important part of your shower routine, even though it happens after you are done in the shower. Lather on your Natural Body Lotion and let your skin drink up the hydration.

Feeling A Little Red?

If you've been out in the sun too long, don't worry. Slather on our After Sun Butter for some relief for the pink-tinged skin.

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