Black Soap Paste is made for when you have a few more moments in the shower. It is for those days when you really do have an extra five minutes (or you don't but you just need them). It is for the me-time in the shower when you can give your skin the care it deserves.

Seriously though, it is your spa day in a bottle. The moment you pop the top, you'll start to experience the ahhhhh. Our Everyday Hero Black Soap Paste is the exfoliation experience that you will crave over and over again.

So, how do you get the full benefits of our amazing Black Soap Paste? How do you use it properly?

What is Black Soap Paste?

Black Soap Paste

First of all, Rocky's Black Soap Paste is our version of traditional Black Soap. It is scented with eucalyptus and peppermint which fills your shower with spa-like scent. This is a way of exfoliating, cleansing and renewing your skin. It has a mild exfoliation that is gentle enough to be used more than once a week and renews your skin to keep it glowing.

Benefits of Black Soap Paste

Our Everyday Hero Black Soap Paste is amazing for your skin and your shower experience. The ingredients inside of this product make it great for not only exfoliation and renewal but for hydration and care of your skin.

Exfoliating in the tub

Humic acid is one of the superhero ingredients used in the Black Soap Paste. Made from composted plant materials, it is anti-inflammatory, increases natural collagen production and gently exfoliates your skin.

Our Black Soap Paste also features lactic acid, pumice and glycerin. The lactic acid works to clean your skin, the glycerin helps it stay hydrated and moisturized, while the Pumice gives you even more exfoliation.

How to use Black Soap Paste

Black Soap Paste is a little different than your normal shower routine, and we want you to get all of the amazing benefits from it. This included the exfoliation and the experience. So here is the perfect routine to use the Black Soap Paste and get all the benefits.

Black Soap Paste

Shower As Normal

Heat up your shower, enjoy the steam filling the bathroom. Let your skin get wet in the shower. This is all about the moment before you open the tub of Everyday Hero Black Soap Paste.

A Little Black Soap Paste Goes A Long Way

Black Soap Paste

You don't need a lot of the Black Soap Paste to get the real benefits of it. Take a bit in your fingers and start working it onto your skin in circular motions. You'll immediately notice how it fills your shower with scent, but also how it feels on your skin. It cleanses and exfoliates. 

It is formulated with humic acid and pumice to give you a real exfoliation treatment. The pumice in the Black Soap Paste is actually finely ground into volcanic sand and suspended throughout to give you extra exfoliation.

For Best Results: Use A Mitt or Loofah

The Black Soap Paste is supposed to be all about you. So you can use whatever you have at home. It's not supposed to be difficult or need anything extra but a mitt or loofah does work best to really work it onto your skin.

Use a mitt or loofah

You'll notice that this paste only gives you a mild foaming sensation, and this is done deliberately so you can enjoy the texture. You want to work the rich Black Soap Paste into your skin in circular motions and really feel how luxurious it is. 

Let it Do The Work

You can leave it on your skin for a few moments, letting your skin get the full benefits of the simple, natural ingredients that we used in the Everyday Hero Black Soap Paste. Let the humic acid exfoliate your skin gently, and feel the amazing sensation that this paste gives your skin

Breathe In The Soothing Aromas

Black Soap Paste

Take a moment to breathe in the essential oils around you. The aromas of peppermint and eucalyptus will waft through your steam-filled bathroom. Take a moment of pause, of calm, to energize and refresh yourself.

Rinse and Relax

Rinse off and notice how good your skin feels.


Pro-Tip: The Black Soap Paste is an amazing product to use during your shower meditation. It gives you a few extra minutes to really enjoy your shower.

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Originally published June 05, 2019

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