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Deodorant is part of most people’s daily routines. We apply a substance to a very sensitive, porous part of our bodies in the hopes eliminating odour and sweat, though some studies have suggested a link between the sweat-blocking aluminum in antiperspirants troubling ailments. While the jury is still out, Rocky’s mission is to avoid any non-natural ingredients that could cause harm. That's why we focus on great, plant-based ways to stay fresh and smell great throughout the day in both cream and roll-on formulas. 


Why They Work

Roll-On Deodorants

Sweat doesn’t cause body odour—bacteria does. Our roll-on deodorants work by making your armpits an inhospitable place for bacteria to grow. We accomplish this using Potassium Alum, a naturally-occurring salt that doesn’t clog your pores. The salt is crushed and then suspended in a liquid which means the deodorant goes on wet but then the minerals dry and sit on the skin as a protective layer. 

Cream Deodorants

Kaolin clay and arrowroot powder help to keep skin fresh and dry throughout the day by soaking up excess moisture. Meanwhile, magnesium hydroxide helps to stave off odour-causing bacteria while Abyssinian and coconut oils keep skin soft and smooth. 


The How-To

Roll-On Deodorants

Shake well then roll on to underarms. Allow it to dry and you're set for about 6 hours of non-funkiness. Reapply as needed.

Cream Deodorants

Pick up a pea-sized amount with your fingers and massage directly into the skin in small circular motions. Wash your hands to clean and reapply as needed.


Period of Adjustment

  • Give your body one to three weeks to adjust to a natural deodorant. If you’ve been using antiperspirants for a while, you likely have some buildup that needs to be removed.
  • Start with a clean slate: exfoliate the dead skin that may be clinging to chemical residue with a body scrub a few times per week. 
  • You may sweat more than when you were using antiperspirant. This is normal and good for you but if you are having trouble with it, we recommend sticking to our more absorbent cream deodorant to start.
  • You may need to clean more than you're used to for a while, now that you're sweating as nature intended. Wash your pits with warm soapy water every time you bathe or shower. 

Learn more about switching to natural deodorant on the blog. 

Rocky Hacks

We’re working hard on the sustainability of our roll-on deodorant packaging. In the meantime here are some ways you can reuse your deodorant bottle:
  • Pop the ball out of your deodorant and fill the bottle with paint—now you’ve got a paint roller for fun arts and crafts.
  • If you’re especially crafty, turn your used roll on into a mini LED flashlight, key chain, or flexible camera stand with this online tutorial!
  • Some people fill the cleaned bottle with sunscreen for simple application.

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