Making the Switch to a Natural Deodorant?

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Natural deodorants have a reputation for just not working. You've heard the rumours too, or maybe you've tried it and it just didn't work for you. But why? Why does it work well for some of us and not others? 

Conventional deodorants are often made with sweat-blocking and pore clogging ingredients, like aluminum, antibacterial agents such as triclosan, parabens, petrochemicals, and synthetic fragrances. When you switch from a conventional deodorant or antiperspirant to a natural deodorant, it's only natural that your glands and pores will start to unclog, open up, and function properly. During this transition time, your pores begin unclogging, breathing, and toxins start releasing from your body. This detoxification process may actually temporarily increase your body odour & have you wondering if your new natural deodorant is actually working!

Try our 6 tips to switch to a natural deodorant without feeling "au naturel".

1. Give it a Go
You'll need to try any new natural deodorant for at least 1-3 weeks before deciding if it works well for you. Our bodies vary greatly in their health, and so does the nature of our sweat (how attractive our sweat is to bacteria) and how much we produce in different situations. We suggest to give yourself a full 3 weeks if your diet and exercise plan has been less than ideal lately (we've all been there!) and/or you've been using antiperspirants regularly for several years.

2. "Detox" Your Pits!
If you've been using an antiperspirant, there may be some chemical residue and dead skin build up in your underarms. Before your shower, gently dry brush your underarm skin to loosen this build up and gently increase circulation. 

3. Start Clean
You may need to clean more than you're used to for a while, now that you're sweating as nature intended. Wash your pits with warm soapy water.  Always make sure that your odours have been completely washed away before you get out of the shower. Leaving the lather of soap on your pits for up to 30 seconds can help reduce lingering odours and remove bacteria.

TIP: Deodorizing essential oils found in natural soaps are best for washing (our favourites are minty tea tree, fennel and charcoal, lemongrassor patchouli).

4. Sweat it Out
Exercise, sauna, hot showers, or baths? Get sweating! This will get your sweat glands functioning properly again. At first, you may notice your underarm sweat being a little "thick". This is because the sweat glands in your armpits are different from others on your body. Instead of just water and salt, these glands should also excrete amino acids. But because your glands haven't been able to excrete these amino acids for a while, there may be a buildup of mucous being released.

5. Stay Hydrated
With all this sweating, you need to replace your fluids! Staying hydrated will also help to "thin" out your sweat. With less amino and fatty acids in your sweat, the less bacteria will have to feed on, and the less odour you'll experience.

6. What You Wear
Natural fabrics like cotton, bamboo and hemp will help wick perspiration away from your body & can help you stay dry. Whereas synthetic fabrics like acetate and polyester trap sweat in, and give bacteria a warm wet place to live -- on your body and on the shirt itself! 

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  • This would be a great win!

    Lori Lehner on

  • I just bought this deodorant 01/13/17 and I’m bathing & scrubbing until I try the deodorant challenge on Mon Jan 16 until Feb 16(I’ll post after this with my results); I hope it works, I walk over 20,000 steps per day in my job, sometimes sweating depending on the weather as I have to go outside and inside.
    I also have psoriasis all over my body and my pits are no exception, so I’m trying different products from your store with the help of your sales reps (they are great at Metropolis at Metrotown in Burnaby, BC…..thank them from me!), I also bought the shampoo and conditioner yesterday (which I haven’t tried yet, but am excited to maybe I’ll get some relief from my itching scalp!) I also use the pumpkin soap daily and the green wisdom all heal salve (for my dry itchy spots….it provides much needed relief and I’m happy to pay the price (I have tried many store brands and nothing has given me relief like this salve). I’m going to keep trying all of your products in an effort to keep the bad chemicals from my body. Keep up the good work, I love your stuff!!!

    Tanya on

  • Looking forward to trying out your product.I have tried a few other brands with mixed success.

    Terri Clark-Kveton on

  • Tired of using oxyclean on my sons t-shirt underarms. He is going to do the challenge and I really hope it works!!!

    wendy slinger on

  • I have been using the lavender deodorant for many months. It is one of the few products that I have used that does not cause any inflammation or irritation of the armpits.

    Sandy Cheeseman on