May 14, 2019 2 min read

Our new bubble bath is here and it is better than ever, so much so that we named it: The Better Bubble Bath. It is made with Glycerin and Lactic Acid making it great for your skin, moisturizing and a dream to sink into. You will get to enjoy bubbles that last for hours. So go ahead, light a candle, grab a book, fill your tub and relax. This is your The Better Bubble Bath.

What is new with the bubble bath?

We are always innovating and creating at Rocky. Bubble Bath was something that we wanted to make better and so we did. Now it is everything you've ever wanted in a natural bubble bath filled with simple natural ingredients.

The Better Bubble Bath is available in Vanilla Coconut, Serenity, Just Breathe and Root Beer.

10 Ingredients or Less

We have been working towards an ambitious goal of making products with only 10 ingredients or less. This is because we believe that every ingredient should serve a real tangible purpose. These ingredients are natural and good-for-you. Our Bubble Bath is made with 10 ingredients or less, in fact, our Vanilla Coconut is only made with 7 ingredients. This bubble bath is made to be great for your skin and made from simple natural ingredients.

It is now made from Glycerin

Glycerin is an amazing ingredient, it actually works to retain moisture in your skin. It is like creating tiny little swimming pools on your skin, just attracting the moisture in. This is very different from typical bubble bath ingredients that may actually dry out your skin. Something even cooler, our glycerin is made from 100% coconut oil. 

We are Using Amazing Essential Oil Blends

We love essential oils, they are good for your health, wellness and body. We wanted to create a natural bubble bath teaming with essential oils. This means that as you soak in your tub and enjoy some well-deserved self-care you can breathe in the amazing scents of Rosemary, Lavender and Cedarwood. Just let your body relax and enjoy.

The Bubbles are Better Than Ever

The Better Bubble Bath is made to be better. That means better bubbles, bubbles that last longer and bubbles that have everything you want in them. What more could you ask for in your Better Bubble Bath?

The Better Bubble Bath

My Favourite Scent is Gone: Now What?

We know that you might be disappointed that we didn't bring back your favourite scent, so we wanted to tell you what to try if you are missing your fave like Blossom Berry or Juicy Cherry:

If you loved Juicy Cherry or Blossom Berry try our Rose Geranium and Lavender filled Serenity or fruity Vanilla Coconut.

If you always used Lemongrass experience Rosemary and Eucalyptus in Just Breathe.

If you can't live without Lavender try Serenity which is made from luxurious French Lavender Essential Oil (add a couple of drops of Lavender Essential Oil too if you want even more).

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