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Bamboo Stem Powder

Bamboo Stem Powder

Bamboo is an amazing plant in the grass family Poaceae. It is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet and features a mainly hollow stem. This plant grows significantly throughout Asia and can be found through South America, Central America, the Southern United States, Australia, Oceania and Africa as well.

Bamboo Stem Powder, also known as Bambusa Vulgaris Stem Powder, is obtained by collecting exude (a thick liquid) from the stems of Tabashir Bamboo plants. At room temperature, this liquid thickens and crystallizes. To create Bamboo Stem Powder, this crystallized liquid is ground until it is the correct size to be used on your skin. This means that the particles of Bamboo Stem Powder will feel gentle and only somewhat grainy.

Bamboo Stem Powder is all-natural and rich in silica and mineral salts. These two things add to its remineralization properties, meaning it is good for your skin.

When it comes to exfoliation, which is what we at Rocky Mountain Soap use Bamboo Stem Powder for, it is important for an exfoliant to be gentle but also effective. However, the sign of a poor exfoliant is when it is abrasive and leaves microscopic cuts on your skin. Bamboo Stem Powder does not do this and is instead gentle enough to slough off dead skin, promote cell regeneration and be invigorating.

Bamboo Stem Powder is also great for exfoliating your face too because it is so gentle and does not cause cuts or tears. Natural exfoliants are physical exfoliants that you have to work into your skin. You can expect Bamboo Stem Powder to be a gentle yet effective exfoliant for your face.

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