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Cellulose. This is one of those ingredients you've probably heard a lot about. It is the main substance and building block in plant cell walls. This ingredient is the reason that plants stay upright and stiff.

Cellulose is found abundantly throughout the planet and consists of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon atoms. Cellulose is actually not digestible by humans, but does aid in digestion and to keep things moving through your body. It is however important to your diet as it is a starch.

In hair and skin care, cellulose is used readily throughout the industry. This makes sense since it is present in all plants. The most common uses are as a slip agent to increase texture and as a humectant to increase moisture in the skin and hair.

Cellulose is the structural support in plants. In our hair care it helps with wet combing, making hair easier to manage, plus it binds to the hair for improved conditioning, and humectancy.

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