Where's Our Sunscreen Made?

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Did you know that we make our New Natural and Non-Whitening Sunscreen at our workshop right here in Canmore? Yup! Our Rocky team has been busy this last year developing the perfect formulation, rigorously testing it for safety, and getting our own site license so we could share with you just in time for the hot summer sun!

Health Canada Site License
The process to get approval to make sunscreen at our workshop took us almost six months! To get a site license, a company needs to demonstrate Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP for short) and this means that we need to prove the safety, integrity and quality of our production facility and practices to Health Canada. Health Canada then issues us a site licence that allows us to make a natural product with an NPN (Natural Product Number).

Testing for Safety
Products with an NPN must contain only 100% natural ingredients that have been pre-approved by Health Canada. External laboratories extensively tested our sunscreen on people (not on animals) to ensure that it's safe and guaranteed to protect your skin from sunburn, when used as directed.

Made in Small Batches
We make our sunscreen in small batches at our workshop. Each batch is about 100kg and makes 890 tubes of beautiful sunscreen lotion. That might seem like a lot of sunscreen, but it takes our team between 40-60 hours for each batch!


Our chemist Patrick completes Quality Assurance testing on each batch to ensure that the appearance, density, and pH is consistent, and sends off a sample to an independent lab for voluntary testing to ensure that the SPF level is consistent in every batch, and there is no microbial or pesticide contamination.

We also have the product independently tested at 6 and 12 month intervals to test the zinc oxide levels remain stable. All this testing and monitoring ensures you get the best quality product possible, every time!

We know it was a long wait for you & we hope you love our safe, all natural, and non-whitening sunscreen as much as we do!

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