Our commitment to simple, effective recipes that are effective, safe for the body and good for the earth continues with the launch of a new and improved body lotion, that we call 'The Daily Oat Lotion'.

Our old body lotion formula was well loved, but we saw an opportunity to make it even better with a longer lasting, more hydrating version with even fewer ingredients, more intentional ingredients.

While other companies’ ingredient lists range anywhere from 25 to 45 ingredients per product, we subscribe to the philosophy: less is more. We’ve been on a mission to reformulate our recipes to have 10 ingredients or less to help us stay transparent and deliberate about what goes in each product. Keeping it simple allows us to choose each ingredient with intent for its quality, safety, and benefits.

With this new formulation, we now have seven to ten ingredients (depending on the scent) instead of 13-14. We’ve maintained the luxurious shea butter that softens and hydrates dry skin. New to the spotlight is oat oil, which provides a protective barrier to prevent water from escaping the skin and 24-hour lasting hydration. Oat is known to be a soothing anti-irritant; kind towards sensitive skin. This new lotion comes just in time for the fall and winter dry skin season in Canada.

We never test on animals only on humans. All our testers came back with a resounding ‘this lotion kicks the old lotions butt’. We get that fans of our old lotion may be dismayed but we hope that you’ll give the new lotion a try.

Here is a list of some frequently asked questions that you might have. Don’t see your question answered below? Please contact us.


Why did you change the lotion recipe? 
Please see above.

I don't understand all the ingredients listed. Can you explain what they mean and what they do?

  1. Aqua - distilled water (sourced from Canmore)
    Distilled water is the base for most lotions, and is the medium for easy application.

  2. Butyrospermum parkii - organic shea butter (originally sourced from West Africa)
    Excellent skin benefits: rich and protective.

  3. Avena Sativa - oat kernel oil(sourced from Europe)
    Excellent skin benefits: soothing and moisturizing.

  4. Carthamus tinctorius oleosomes (naturally derived from safflower)
    Emulsifier #1 - Emulsifiers are required to have a stable lotion- stability means the oil and water remain together in the final product.

  5. Cetearyl alcohol (naturally derived from coconut oil)
    Emulsifier #2 - Emulsifiers are required to have a stable lotion- stability means the oil and water remain together in the final product.

  6. Coco-glucoside (naturally derived from coconut oil)
    Emulsifier #3 - Emulsifiers are required to have a stable lotion- stability means the oil and water remain together in the final product.

  7. Helianthus annuus - Organic sunflower seed oil (derived from sunflowers)
    Excellent skin benefits: high in antioxidant Vitamin E.

  8. Essential oils/natural flavours (sourced worldwide)
    Aromatherapeutic and pleasure benefits for those who need a little something over scent free.

    I’m celiac. Is it safe for me to use?
    As long as you don’t eat it… This lotion is not harmful for people with celiac disease as gluten would need to be present in the bloodstream. If you have a separate gluten skin disorder (not celiac), you may want to be cautious and try it on a small discreet spot first. Whether you have a gluten sensitivity or not, you should never ingest lotion and avoid use near the mouth, nose, ears or open cuts.

    Will the lotion feel the same on my skin?
    You might notice a minimal change in the consistency. This formulation is non-soaping meaning it won’t turn white on your skin as you rub it in unless your skin is wet or you’ve applied too much. It absorbs quickly and will leave you feeling hydrated, not sticky or greasy.

    Does the lotion smell the same?
    We kept all the original scents: Scent Free, Lavender, Lemongrass and Vanilla Coconut. The Scent Free lotion is even more unscented than the original formula. The other scents are equally strong but bear in mind they are naturally scented with essential oils so they won’t last all day the way a synthetic perfume might.

    Is the new lotion more expensive?
    The price is consistent with the original formula at $20 per bottle. We had to adjust the volume from 270 mL to 240 mL. During our production and packaging tests, we discovered that the new formula could not be poured as easily to the same volume to match the previous recipe.

    Why does the label say to use with caution during pregnancy?
    Skin sensitives can change during pregnancy, so we include this as a precaution due to the presence of essential oils in the product. Listen to your body’s reactions, patch test before full body application and consult a health professional as needed. Consult our guide for more detailed information on essential oil safety during pregnancy and lactation.

    Can I still get the old lotion?
    All of our lotions are made fresh in small batches. Once we switched our formula, we stopped making the old one.

    Have another question? Contact us. 

    Originally published September 12, 2018

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