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Flax (Linum Usitatissimum) Seed Protein

Flax (Linum Usitatissimum) Seed Protein

Flax seeds are considered one of the best and most powerful foods right now. Rich is nutrients, vitamins and minerals these little brown seeds have superpowers for your body inside and out. They are one of the few items that has high lignans and ALA. Flax seeds are one of the oldest known crops for civilizations, having been around for thousands of years.

These golden or brown coloured seeds are a plant-based protein that are a great source of dietary fibre and are high in minerals like magnesium. Adding whole flax seeds to a salad adds a nice crunch but using ground flax seeds is the best way to benefit from them. Milled flax seeds are much easier for the body to absorb the fibre and gain all the nutritional value.

Rich in omega-3, which are essential fatty acids not produced by the body, flax seeds can aid both physical and mental health. Getting enough omega-3 helps to keep your heart healthy, regulate cholesterol, reduce inflammation and fight against mental disorders. Health Canada suggests that 40g of ground flaxseed daily is proven to help lower cholesterol.

The protein in flax seeds is great for your body, skin and hair, making it perfect for our hair care. By nourishing the follicles and hair shafts, this protein makes hair stronger and less prone to damage.

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