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3 Unique Uses For Our Ultimate Massage Oil

What packs a heavy hit of hydration, won’t feel greasy on your skin and is free of all those nasty toxins and synthetics? Ding! It’s our improved Ultimate Massage Oil. In fact, it’s so amazing you’ll wonder how you (and your skin) ever lived without it. Made from Canadian Abyssinian Oil and combined with lavender and bergamot, it’s a must-have addition to any natural skin care routine.

What makes it so amazing? Start with Canadian Abyssinian Oil, a highly stable (slow to oxidize) plant seed oil that has a unique molecular structure not found in any other naturally occurring oil. It’s literally one of a kind. Plus, it’s nourishing, hydrating and will protect your skin all while feeling ultra-light and non-greasy. It has even been shown to significantly improve skins smoothness and suppleness with its unique Omega 9 fatty acids. Oh, and it’s non-comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores, environmentally friendly, non-GMO, renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. Talk about a skin-care superstar!

But there is a reason we called it the Ultimate Massage Oil. Not only is it choked full of amazing ingredients to make your skin oh-so-happy, but it’s also great for more than just massage.

massage oil bath

Add It To Your Bath

Play some mellow music, add a little bit of candlelight, toss in some bubbles and you’ve got one of the most popular forms of self-care. But why not take your bath to a whole new level by making it relaxing and moisturizing? Add 8 pumps of Ultimate Massage Oil to running water and relax as your skin is nourished and all that tension fades away. Then, gently pat your skin dry and allow the Canadian Abyssinian Oil to give your skin some love.

Skip The Massage: Simply moisturize

While we never recommend saying no to a relaxing massage, our Ultimate Massage Oil is great on its own too. Because of its stellar moisturizing properties, it makes an excellent body oil. Apply a few pumps to your hands and apply to your skin after a shower or bath (this will help lock in moisture and replenish your skin). Make it a part of your daily routine and your skin will be in heaven.

Repair Your Hair : Give it a treat!

We get it, it's hard to keep your hair healthy and nourished. With blow drying, straightening and color treatments, we can be a little hard on our mane. But what if there was an easy way to restore the moisture to your parched locks and seal in some lustre without coating your strands in toxins and synthetics?

For Healthy Hair
If your hair is on the healthier side, but you notice your ends get a bit fluffy, try using the oil as a pre-wash. Coat your ends in a few pumps, and wrap up in a bun while you read, cook a tasty meal, or get some laundry done. Wash after an hour or so, and notice the lovely silkiness of your strands! Bonus points to those who upgrade to a full warm-oil experience by blasting saturated ends for a moment or two with their dryer!

massage oil hair

For Porous Hair
If you find that your tresses benefit from a longer-lasting hit of moisture, you may enjoy adding a few pumps of the oil to your conditioner. Work the mixture through your hair in the shower, leave in for 2-3 minutes, and rinse with lukewarm or cool water. This is great for those who have thick or hard-to-manage hair, or those who may struggle with flyaways or breakage during the driest months.

For Damaged Hair
If your hair is textured, heavily damaged or extra-dry, a leave-in is just what you need. Swap your regular serum for this luxurious oil and let your strands drink up the moisture without looking greasy. Best of all, Abyssinian Oil doubles as a heat protector so you don’t have to feel guilty on the days you bring out the straightener.

For Curly Hair
Curly-haired folks are heralding this as their new go-to for restoring moisture and shine to their hard-to-hydrate hair. Coating your strands in nourishing Abyssinian Oil will leave a subtle sheen while not weighing down your hair. Just add a few pumps to clean hands and work through damp or dry hair while focusing on your ends, and style as you normally would. Whether you heat style or air dry, your hair will thank you!

Our Ultimate Massage Oil isn’t just a one trick pony. One of the many perks of using natural skin care is that many are multi-purpose, making them great for travelling and keeping your bathroom shelves a little less cluttered.

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