Are you guilty of sneaking a peek into people’s medicine cabinets when you visit their home? We are! Call us anthropologists, curious cats or straight up nosy but we’re intrigued by how people live their lives; the things they eat for breakfast, how they organize their lives and how they treat their skin. There is just so much to learn and you never know what tips you can take into your own life.

So we’ve opened the cabinet doors to some of our staff’s bathrooms to see their morning routines. Debussy anyone?

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The Straight-Forward

"Every morning I put on the Day Cream after washing my face. Besides the delightful smell, it really hydrates my dry patches in the Winnipeg cold!"
- Riley, Winnipeg Polo Park

"My morning routine is pretty simple. A quick spritz of Tea Tree Toner to mattify and refresh my skin, followed by a single drop of Purifying Tea Tree Face Serum on each cheek and forehead."
- Christina, Calgary Southcentre

The Mixer-Uppers

"I use either the Avocado Soap or Cleansing Oil depending on my skin that morning, and then I use the Lavender Toner and Hydrating Serum. Yes. I mix all the skin type products together depending on what my skin tells me it needs."
- Meaghan, Canmore Workshop

skin care ritual

The Textbook, 1-2-3 Step

"I wash my face with Fennel & Charcoal Soap, then I tone my face and then I put the day cream on. Once a week I use the Face Polish before bed."
- Victoria, Calgary the Core

"My morning ritual starts with a couple of spritzes of Hydrating Toner, Day Cream with one drop of Hydrating Serum mixed. The final step is eye cream! I wash my face at night with our Oil Cleanser! This way when I wake up my face is already hydrated!"
- Elizabeth, Vancouver Metrotown

"Every morning, I wash my face with the Fennel and Charcoal soap, and following that I moisturize with the Pomegranate Day Cream and Beech Tree Bud Eye Cream, then finish it all off by misting my face with the Tea Tree Toner. At night I always take off my makeup with the Cleansing Oil, always making sure my face is damp before I apply it. After that I use the Tea Tree Serum and mist some toner one more time before heading off to bed. I find this has been the best possible routine for my oily/acne prone skin and I've seen major differences to what I was using before. My skin has really cleared up!"
- Liz, Calgary the Core

The Sensitive Skin Sweethearts

"My skin is hypersensitive (according to my allergy doctor). I react to even saline. So I use the Oil Cleanser. I squirt some on a cotton pad and go at it on my face. Wiping even my under eyes and my eyelids. Once I feel like my face has been sufficiently cleansed, I do three sprays (forehead, left cheek, right cheek.. In that sequence) of the Hydrating Toner. I take a clean cotton pad and dab any residual oil and toner. Then I grab my Restorative Serum. Only two drops for my entire face. A little goes a long way. And using circular motions, massage it into my face. After the serum I apply three dots of eye cream under each eye. Two dots in the fine lines of my forehead. And massage those in. And finally six dots of day cream (two on the forehead, one on each cheek, one above my lip, one on my chin) to finish it off. Massage and away I go."
- Cheries, Winnipeg Polo Park

"I have dry, acne prone skin so I start with the Aloe and Frankincense Toner to help rehydrate my skin after a shower. I let the toner soak in for a few minutes while I do something else like brush my teeth, ect. Then 5 drops of the Purifying serum; this is my all time favorite face product because the rosehip and jojoba oils in it are sooo moisturizing and calming for my skin while the tea tree is amazing for healing and preventing any acne I might get. Then comes the eye cream; I learned from Karina that this stuff is amazing on the lips and this winter it has SAVED me! Edmonton is so dry that every winter my lips get cracked but ever since I started using the eye cream on my lips as well as under eyes I haven't had any cracks this year! I finish my face care routine with our Day Cream. It is my staple product and if I can only apply 1 product it is this. It's so rich and moisturizing without clogging my pores or aggravating my acne. I used to think that I pulled the short straw in the game of genetics and that I was destined to have red blotchy skin and cystic acne forever as my Dad and older sister have had their whole lives. But after about 3 months of using Rocky face products exclusively my skin cleared up and I looked like a new person. I still get the odd pimple here and there but NOTHING like I had before. Never going back!"
- Bethany, West Edmonton Mall

What does your morning skincare routine look like? We’re so curious! Let us know in the comments below.


Photo credit: Kira Paran

Originally published September 06, 2018

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