August 14, 2019 3 min read

Maybe you love our new hair care or maybe you haven't tried it yet… Either way, we wanted to share some of the cool hair care ingredients we used to make this hair care out of this world.

We used the latest science, technology and amazing natural ingredients to make our hair care unique, amazing for your hair and healthy for the environment. This meant finding those hidden gems that we could use to make a shampoo and conditioner unlike anything else.

So, what did we put into Wild Kindness Shampoo and Conditioner?

Soap Nut

soap nutThis is what makes our Wild Kindness Shampoo so gentle and kind on your hair (see what we did there). Soap nut is a little bit of a crazy natural ingredient because naturally it contains a detergent. This gives a great natural cleansing and soaping effect. But it is not a soap, contrary to what the name might suggest, it actually contains something called saponin.

Fun Fact:For something to be considered a "soap" , lye has to be present. So, when you get a bar soap, you will have soap, but soap nuts actually contain a cleanser, not soap.

Coming from a berry in the lychee family (cool right), soap nut is an ingredient that has been used for cleansing and as a soap for a long time. People use it to naturally wash their clothes, skin and hair. It is really gentle and cleanses without stripping. There is so much to explore with soap nuts, and we want to tell you all about it.

Behenamidopropyl dimethylamine

Woah this sounds scary and dare we say it… Unnatural. But, this is actually a completely natural ingredient, we promise you that (we don't ever use anything that isn't). This ingredient is actually made from Brassica Oil (the family of mustard, cabbage and kale). Through the process of amidation, the oil is transformed into a cationic (positively charged) conditioner that helps detangle and calm static.

Oleic Acid

Oleic AcidWhat do avocados, olives, corn and the fats of most vegetables have in common? Oleic acid!

Oleic acid is actually the most abundant fatty acid in the world. It is also readily found in our cells and our bodies. Also commonly known as omega- 9, it is a pale, yellowish, fatty liquid that is great for your body and health. In our Wild Kindness Shampoo, it is used to detangle and help your hair retain moisture.

Flax Seed Protein

flaxseedEveryone knows how wonderful flax seeds are. They are great for your body, skin and hair because of their abundance of linans, ALA and omega-3. By nourishing the follicles and hair shafts, this protein makes hair stronger and less prone to damage.


Have you heard about cellulose? You've probably heard this word thrown around, and for good reason. Cellulose is the building block in plant cell walls. It keeps those plants upright and strong, no matter what the world throws at them. In our Wild Kindness hair care, cellulose helps make hair easier to manage. Cellulose also binds to the hair for improved conditioning, and humectancy. This makes it a great ingredient in our hair care.

So Many More

These are just some of the amazing, natural ingredients that we use in our hair care line. We have formulated this hair care so it is good for your hair and good for you. Read all about all the ingredients in our shampoos and conditioners on their product pages.

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