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Rocky was founded on a pretty simple principle: that nature has everything you need. Using natural is another form of caring — for your skin, for your family and for the planet. That’s why we use only 100% natural ingredients for all of our products. When you use a Rocky product on your skin, you know it’s safe — and that includes after it goes down the drain.


Natural is about more than choosing simple products that work. It’s about sustainability. It’s about the comfort of knowing that you’re minimizing your impact on the planet, while keeping you and your family safe from chemicals that can be harmful to you or the planet. That’s why we hold true to our red list — that’s ingredients like Sulfates, Phthalates and Parabens that you’ll never find in our products. Oh, and they’re never tested on animals, of course!

What to expect when making the switch

You might be a bit nervous about switching to natural products, and that’s totally normal. Many of us grew up using whichever shampoo or cleanser our parents put in the shower, which might mean any ol’ product that was on sale. But we’re here to let you in on a little secret: natural products work just as well — if not better.

woman using a wooden hair brush to brush her dark brown hair.

Your natural hair care FAQs

Who doesn’t love a good head of hair? There’s no better confidence booster. That’s why you might be nervous about switching up your hair care routine. Never fear! Here are your FAQs about switching to natural shampoo and conditioner.


Woman looking in the mirror holding her hands to her face.

Your natural skincare guide

What’s better than a glowing complexion? A natural glow, of course! There are a few ins and outs when it comes to all-natural skincare. Maybe you’re curious about oil cleansing—and if it’ll make you breakout. Or maybe you wonder if a totally plant-based moisturizer can really give you all the hydration you need? Here’s your guide to a natural skincare routine.

Woman applying all natural rocky Mountain Soap company deodorant to her armpit.

Your natural deodorant guide

BO is the pits — but so are the icky ingredients you might find in some antiperspirants. There can be a period of adjustment when switching to natural deodorants, however (but trust us, it’s worth the peace of mind when you make the switch).

image of all natural reef safe rocky mountain soap company sunscreen.

Your natural sunscreen guide

What goes on your skin goes in...including when you’re swimming. Protect your skin and the reefs with an all-natural sunscreen. But how often do you need to reapply, what’s natural sunscreen made out of — and will it leave a white cast on your skin? (Spoiler ours won’t). Here’s all you need to know about natural sunscreen.


Your natural soap FAQs

There are all sorts of benefits to switching to a natural soap. You don't need to worry about what you put on your hands, or down the drain. Formulated with rich moisturizers like organic Shea Butter, our natural soaps will keep your hands nice and moisturized. But you may still have questions about using a natural liquid or bar soap. We've got you covered: 




More tips for making the switch

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Naomi Haroldson
Naomi Haroldson

August 02, 2022

I am looking to switch to natural hair and skin products as my hair is thinning out fast and I have eczema on my hands. My skin is super sensitive to dyes and perfumes.

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