Beauty routines, we all have them. Whether it is a simple wash-tone-moisturize, or a whole range of products we love to use to get a lovely glow. We all want show-off worthy skin, or at least skin we feel comfortable in.

We want to talk about bare healthy skin care - aka going au naturel!

Thinking About Your Beauty Routine

It's hard sometimes to find a beauty product that works well with our skin types. We might be using a few different types (or dare we say brands) of products. It's a tale as old as time though - achieve flawless, celeb-worthy skin that looks radiant all the time - even though we know that is not realistic without some serious help.

A lot of people have the misconception that having flawless skin means treatments, harsh ingredients, bacteria-killing cleansers and the whole ball of wax. But, we'd much rather crack an egg into our hair and smash avocado on our face, especially if we can get the same results.

So, we ask the question… can you get that with a fully natural routine?


Going All Natural in Your Beauty Routine

Switching to a natural beauty routine might seem a little daunting. Is it going to work for my skin? Am I finally going to be able to not wear make-up? Am I going to get the glowing natural skin I've always craved? Hopefully, the answer is yes, but we're not going to lie, it could take a little trial and error.

Things You Might Notice When You Go Natural

natural beautyThere has been a huge shift towards make-up free, all-natural beauty. Everyone is embracing who they really are and what they look like. It is an amazing time to be alive! It's also a great time to embrace your real skin - because no matter what, you are beautiful as you are. Healthy, happy skin is just a bonus.

When you shift to a natural skin care routine, here are some things you might notice:

  • At first, you might be a little shy. We get it, at first you might be thinking is everyone looking at my bare face, are they noticing this change? Don't worry, no one is thinking that! You are beautiful as you are.
  • Your skin might clear up! Heavy-handed with the make-up or the other skincare products? When you stop wearing make-up and switch to natural skin care, you will notice changes in your skin. Sometimes you'll get a few more blemishes as your skin adjusts, but you might notice that you have glowing natural skin after.
  • You will feel happier Well, this one we can't guarantee, but you will have more time when you aren't worried about your make-up and you'll only be putting simple, natural ingredients on your skin. Win-win right?

Going all natural

Here is our first advice - go all in and be you. Be beautiful, be wild, be free!


cleansing oilCleaning your skin is so important. That is why it is the first step in this new natural beauty routine. However, you might think that washing your face multiple times a day is better for it, but the opposite is true. Cleansing your face once a day is enough to remove dirt, dust and build up.

Using an oil cleanser will help your skin look young and beautiful. Cleansing with an oil, like our transformative cleansing oil, will give you anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and restorative benefits. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, cleansing with an oil is great for your natural beauty routine.


face polishExfoliation is key and has so many benefits. When you are going au naturel, you want to remove those dead skin cells from your face. Exfoliation with a face polish can make sure that you glowing and showing off your healthy refreshed skin.


facial tonerToner, toner, toner. This is one of those not to be missed steps in your natural beauty routine. Toning is a great step to rebalance your skin, hydrate and give it a boost of antioxidants.


day creamWhether it is dry, or maybe not, moisturizing is one of those keys to beautiful skin. Moisturizing doesn't need to be heavy, pore clogging or too much. There are so many different ways to moisturize your skin that can leave it feeling great. Whether you choose an oil or a day cream, moisture should feel good for you.


face serumNeed an extra boost of nourishment? Grab a serum to use before bed or in the morning. Serums are highly concentrated, super-charged vitamin mixes that give your skin what it truly needs. Using the right serum can help purify oily skin, balance combination skin, hydrate dry skin, and restore mature skin. Serums are those little extra boosts that can help whatever your skin concern is.

Spot Treat

The scariest thing about changing to a fully natural beauty routine is the dreaded b word - blemishes. What if I get a pimple? What do I do about a breakout? There are some amazing ingredients in natural beauty that are great for those pesky breakouts - like tea tree. This is almost like a magic ingredient, and you can get it in our Breakout Buster and our Purifying Toner. Both are great for if you have a few problem spots, or problem skin.

Be Confident - you are beautiful

No matter what your beauty routine, remember that you are beautiful and confident. You can go all natural and love the way you look.

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Originally published August 21, 2019

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