June 20, 2018

Choosing natural isn't a trend. It's a way of life. It's a philosophy to be informed and selective in our daily decisions so we can live a healthier, carefree lifestyle with less impact on the planet.

We asked our Rocky staff how they live a Toxin-Free life outside of work and were pleasantly surprised by all the creative answers.

1. We Spend Time In Nature & Try To Stay Active

"My toxic free life outside of work involves spending time with good people, making and eating healthy food and getting outside as much as possible. And yoga, my personal anti-anxiety medication."
- Meaghan, Canmore Workshop

"Yoga and meditation every day! Not to mention I make my own toxin-free house cleaners with essential oils and I try to ride my bike instead of drive as much as possible."
- Bethany, WEM

"I try to live a wholesome, toxin-free life with some very basic habits: riding my bike whenever possible (keeps me fit and good for the environment), fetching drinking water for my family from the local mountain spring (tastes great and contains minerals for healthy skin and bones!), growing herbs and rhubarb in my garden (it’s beautiful and healthy) and following the minimalist lifestyle."
- Isabelle, Canmore Workshop

2. We Keep Our Food Footprint Small

"I use all rocky products, and I try and cook with mostly veggies and other good foods. I love finding delicious healthy recipes I can experiment with at home."
- Liz, The Core

"We recycle, we reuse and we don't waste food! We don't eat meat in our house, we eat ALL the vegetables. We keep all the trimmings from our vegetables in the freezer until it gets full full full, then we turn it into homemade veggie broth! We use toxin-free products, and reusable coffee cups! (we drink a lot of coffee...)"
- Carolyn, Canmore

"I’m an avid recycler and upcycler. I recently started bringing my own baggies to shop bulk and take pics of bin not to waste that little paper wire thingy - I also try and minimize my carbon footprint as much as I could - going Vego, ride my bike to work and planting my own veggies and herbs."
- Allison, Canmore

3. We Recycle, Upcycle & Reuse

"To me, the toxin-free life is all about getting back to simplicity! As I grow up I am noticing how over complicated my life can get when unchecked. The toxin-free lifestyle helps me check back into myself with what is truly important to me. I bring reusable bags everywhere I shop. I also do my best to buy groceries that have zero packaging."
- Anne, Market Mall

"I try not to use single-use items and have reduced the amount of plastic that I bring into my life substantially since focussing on doing so as I hate how much rubbish we all create when the alternatives aren't much less convenient! I have cutlery and stainless steel straws in both my handbag and car, as well as bringing my faithful (and pretty!) Yeti coffee mug with me everywhere! It took a while not to 'forget' but I always bring reusable shopping bags and mesh produce bags to the store. The Think Dirty app was my biggest hand-holder when I was looking for non-toxic products for home, you don't need chemicals for something to work great!" 
- Salina, Canmore Workshop


What would your answer be? Leave your answer in the comments below so our whole Toxin-Free community can get inspired.

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