July 08, 2019 3 min read

Summer baths are the bomb! And that's not just because you can use a soothing bath bomb that is great for your skin!

Before you think we've lost our minds, hear us out. We love summer baths and we are going to tell you why. It's really like having a little swimming pool oasis in your bathroom. You might not be able to escape the heat, but you can definitely make time for a summer bath self-care routine.

Bathing in the summer

Now, we know running a bath might seem like something that you want to do in the dead of winter. You know the days, when the snow is falling, your toes are frozen and you just want to sink into the bliss of warm water and stay there forever. But, sometimes you need some great me-time in your bathtub in the summer too.

Keep it Totally Cool

Hands up if you love jumping into a swimming pool on a hot summer day! Us too.


When you run a bath in the summer, you want to keep it on the cooler side, around lukewarm. If it is too cold, your body will need to use too much energy to keep your core warm enough. Instead, you want swimming pool temperatures, to stay cool and comfortable. Ice baths aren't fun here.

Perfectly Mixed For Summer

Though it might seem like a summer cocktail, citrus, mint and eucalyptus are ingredients that soothe and cool in the summer. Add them to your bath for a perfectly mixed summer bath. Now, you really want to use real mint, citrus and eucalyptus. That means essential oils, as fragrances don't do the trick. You want that cooling, refreshing, summer feeling.

The summer bath with just breathe

Our favourite summer bath mixology recipe:

Give your Skin Some Glow

While you are bathing, why not give your summer skin some extra love? You want to protect that beautiful summer skin. We love doing a few things while bathing, to keep our summer skin looking absolutely top notch.

The Summer Bath with Black Soap

Here are some of our favourite summer bath add-ons:

  • Use one of our Face Polishes as a face mask. Just add water or our Cream Cleanser to make a paste, then let your skin detox for 10-15 minutes. It is your mini-facial!
  • Get perfect feet. Exfoliate your feet while bathing is great. Either use a body scrub or a pumice stone.

Set your purpose

Anyone else get bored bathing? Two minutes in and you're ready to get on with your day? Even if you love soaking for hours, setting a mental purpose for your bath can make it even better. This can be meditative and relaxing. Maybe you want to work on your breathing, listen to a great podcast or read a book. Whatever it is, take some time for yourself because you deserve it.

Drink Your Liquids

Girl Bathing

One last thing to make your summer bath even more luxurious while you're in it. Grab a fancy hydrating mocktail, or some spa-like infused water. It is hot out and you want to stay hydrated. Muddle some mint, splash some lime, keep it fresh and tasty.

Your skin's hydration

Woah! Don't forget to hydrate.

You've been drinking your spa infused water, and soaking in your bath cocktail, but as soon as you are dry make sure to hydrate your skin with a body lotion or butter. You want to keep your skin feeling hydrated especially in the summer months.

What do you love to do in your summer bath?

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