The Tree of Everlasting Youth

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From mercury to pearl powder, a plethora of oddities have taken their turn in the fountain of youth spotlight, but would you be surprised to learn that we need to look no further than our own back yard? The beautiful Beech Tree with its grace, beauty and strength, is known as the 'tree of everlasting youth'.  The tree itself is documented to live approximately 250 years.

It should be no surprise then that the extract has anti-ageing properties to assist with increasing collagen and elastin. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients; think super food smoothie but for your skin.  All this glorious activity means the evening out of fine lines, a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles, and that 'bounce-back' quality of youthful skin. Look out ten years you come.

We use Beech Tree Bud Extract in our eye cream, along with Arnica, Ginseng and Green Tea for a 100% natural anti-aging powerhouse. All we can say is don't be afraid to smile.

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