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Waste Reduction

waste reduction

Yep, we take waste seriously.

From choosing ingredients that protect the health of our families and our ecosystems, to creating beautiful spaces with reused and reclaimed materials, we take it on!

At Rocky, there is a lot we are doing, and there's a lot we'd like to do in the future too (think our own rooftop garden for example). We're not perfect, but we're getting better all the time. It's hard to believe how much garbage that we accumulate from product packaging, food waste, and items that we no longer want. In Canada, we generate approximately 31 million tonnes of garbage every year. This means that each person generates an astounding 2.7kg of garbage each day. It's a bitter truth, isn't it?

Now with many landfill sites approaching capacity, it's more important than ever for us to look more closely at the products that we are buying and creating. This is one challenge that we're taking seriously at Rocky, as we continue to make bold decisions that bring us closer to meeting our goal of becoming a zero-waste company.

We're so proud of the steps that we've taken so far! Last year alone, we successfully diverted 291,325kg of waste from landfills through our recycling and composting initiatives, product donations, and our new store and workshop designs. We also launched a new product, Lip Quenches, which are packaged in biodegradable, sustainable packaging! Read more about how you can up-cycle your lip quench packing!


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