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It’s been 20 years of Rocky, and it all started with the bar. Bar soap, that is. These little rectangular wonders are our hero product for a reason. Not only are they incredibly beautiful, made with swirls and twirls from nature, but are rich and moisturising with organic Shea Butter. 

Natural bar soap image being lathered between two hands under running water.

What is it?

Bar Soap is a tale as old as time — well, not quite, but their invention goes back a long way. We’ve been making bar soaps since we started, 20 years ago and carry over 20 scents. All Rocky bar soaps are made from the same rich base of Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Organic Shea Butter and Organic Coconut Oil. Other ingredients change based on the scent or desired function of the soap (like for oily, dry or normal skin).


We’ve got bar soap in three different, perfectly giftable (for you or yours) formats:

Image of Bar Soap lathering between two hands.

Bars The classic, rectangular bar soap size

Image of wrapped natural bar soaps.

Big Bars Beautifully wrapped best sellers ready for stocking stuffers or secret Santas.

Image of four soap natural gift set from Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Soap Sets Can’t decide? Hand painted artwork boxes hold four soaps in either Holiday Scents, Best Sellers or Dry Skin collections.

Image of natural soap slab from Rocky Mountain Soap Company.

Slabs One slab is 16 bars of soap for you to love!

Extra moisture

The saponification process is what happens when you turn those nourishing oils into soap. Rocky soap is “super-fatted,” a term you’ll find soap makers using. It means the oils of the soap that were not saponified stay behind to moisturise your hands while you wash. That extra oil is also why our bar soaps take 6-8 weeks to cure, like a yummy cheese. Learn more about saponification here.

How does it work?

When we wash with only water it's difficult to remove germs and dirt from your skin because the dirt molecules aren’t bonding to the water molecules. They’re just being smooshed around on your skin. When you lather up with your bar soap, it's a different story. First, soap is more effective than water alone, as the surfactants — meaning the soap molecules have an end that bonds to fats as well as an end that bonds to water — in natural soap lift dirt and germs off of your skin. Then rinsing with water sends all that stuff down the drain.

Our natural soap has a pH of 8-10, so in scientific terms it is known to be negatively charged. This negative charge decreases the surface tension of water to dissolve and lift dirt and germs from our skin. 

Why opt for Bar Soap?

Most of our natural bar soap are package free, so that means zero-waste. They’re also wallet-friendly, and easy to store — so you can also stock up on your favourite bar in slab form, which is 16 bars in one! We also love to use our Bar Soap as an avenue for experimentation, which is why we release a limited edition bar every month. That limited edition bar is now known as the Community Bar, because $1 for every bar sold goes to Canadian not-for-profits or charities. Learn more about our Community Bar Program.

Benefits of the Bar

With so many different bars available to you, you might want some help finding your faves. Lucky for you we’ve gathered feedback from our superstar staff on their favourite bar soaps on the blog. Find your favourite. 


Do you have a favourite Rocky bar soap? Let us know in the comments!

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 Lydia E Millen
Lydia E Millen

April 19, 2021

Amazing new world in this article :D thanks for sharing!


February 12, 2021

very nice blog thanks for posting.

Robert Norman
Robert Norman

November 16, 2020

I brought a fennel and charcoal bar with me last Christmas to a 12 day trip to Vietnam. I figured soap might be scarce or at best, minimal- which turned out to be true!!
Point being , that fragrance will FOREVER remind me of our trip …so thank you!!!

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