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January 08, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

Healthy nails are part of a healthy body. Not taking care of your nails can lead to infection, inflammation, and can bruise your confidence. You don’t want to feel like you have to hide your nails while you’re interacting with people.

Our cuticle butter is going the way of the dinosaur for now (stock up while you can!). While this product has served us well we will not be producing any more once this stock is gone. In the spirit of simplicity, we wanted to share how to care for your cuticles with our multitasking and cult favourite Hand Butter. This 70% organic formula is meant to heal rough cracks in your skin and nails using Beeswax and Rosehip Oil while deeply hydrating with rich Avocado Oil.

Pro tip: for healthy nails, opt for a glass (or crystal) nail file. They’re gentler on the nails and can help prevent cracking and breaking.

Person in a white robe applying organic moisturizing made-in-Canada hand butter to their cuticles.

What is a cuticle?

The cuticle is the clear bit of skin at the base of your nail bed. It serves to protect the nail from infection. Some people (and salons) cut the cuticle back. This makes the nail more vulnerable to infection. If you want to move them out of the way for your polish or nail treatment, you can just push them back (or ask you manicurist to) instead of cutting them.

Why oil your cuticles?

If you’re going to push your cuticles back, it’s best to oil them first. Cuticle oil helps to dissolve cuticles while moisturizing (so your nail beds will look glam!). It’s a simple step to clean and healthy looking nails.

The How-To

It’s pretty simple. Grab your hand butter—that’s packed with healing Vitamin E, and either apply directly to the cuticle or you can warm some on your fingertips and massage into your cuticles.

From there, you can either move on with your day with gloriously moisturized cuticles, or push them back. To do so, use a cuticle pusher to gently push the cuticle skin back and away from your nails.


A hand reaches for a Rocky Mountain Soap Company Hand Butter that's place next to half an avocado on a pink background.

If you’re feeling extra dry, slather that Hand Butter all over your hard working hands for a super-protective, moisturizing layer. You can also let the butter sit on your skin overnight in cotton gloves for extra pampering.

If you’re in the mood for a full at-home manicure, go for it with this DIY 100% natural manicure guide.

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January 10, 2020

I love your hand butter. It is so nice and soft on my hands and they help my nails and cuticles feel so nice and look good

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