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Many of us love getting a gift that's more of an experience. But not all experience gifts have to involving cooking classes, skydiving or a concert. There are great ways to shop locally (shoutout to our Canadian suppliers!) to create an all-natural experience that your loved one can enjoy from the comfort of their own home. 

Nothing beats the feeling of nailing the perfect gift, but the holidays can be overwhelming — especially when your lists are long but you're short on time. 

If you’re the type of person who likes to gift with intention, we’re here to help. Here’s some inspiration for building the perfect, customized experience for your loved ones.

A woman cross country skiing through the trees, she can help soothe her sore muscles with Rocky Mountain Soap's sports therapy in a box.

Sports Therapy in a Box

Athletes need to rest and recover to reach peak performance. You can help the athlete in your life meet their goals with the perfect Workout Wonder experience.

Why So Sore?

First — some science. The exact source of muscle soreness after a hard workout is a subject for debate. Some scientists think it’s caused by a buildup of lactic acid. Others believe it to be a complex overlap of biochemical processes and microtears in your muscles (that’s okay! Those tears are also helping you get stronger).

Gradually increasing the intensity of reps and taking adequate rest between sets could help curb post-workout soreness. So could a carbohydrate and protein-rich snack, like these Fall Seed Clusters.


You can help aid their recovery with a little help from Rocky, too! Our Ultimate Massage Butter is formulated for sports recovery with camphor, arnica and wintergreen to soothe achy muscles. After they’re buttered up, your athlete can soak their sore muscles away with our Marjoram and Rosemary-packed Sport Bath Salt. And why not throw in an ultra-cleansing Fennel and Charcoal bar?

Of course, being active outside also means protecting your skin from the sun no matter the season. Make it easy for your loved one by adding an ultra-moisturising SPF Lip Butter to their box.

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sport massage

The Gift of a Natural Glow

You already know that nature has everything you need to take care of your skin. So does Rocky. Why not help someone in your life take the leap into natural skin care?

Wait, Oil to Clean Your Skin!?

People have been cleaning their skin naturally with oil for centuries. Today we call it oil cleansing and the method has been gaining in popularity in modern day skincare routines for some time now.

There are plant oils that naturally resemble the sebum of our skin, like Jojoba, Olive, and Sesame, for example. Because they are so close to our skin’s natural oils, they’re absorbed quickly and easily. There’s also a little magic of nature that happens when we cleanse our skin with oil—the plant power dissolves dirt, makeup, and stops oil and bacteria from building up in our pores. Our award-winning Transformative Cleansing Oil combines ultra-nourishing and balancing oils, like Arnica, Jojoba, and Rosehip (Mother Nature’s Retinol) plus soothing botanicals for all skin types that will leave you glowing, naturally.

The Finishing Touches

A spritz of hydrating, all-natural toner not only smells great, but is packed with nutrients to calm and hydrate your skin (like fragrant Frankincense). It also lays an ultra absorbant base for your facial moisturiser. When you use our Pomegranate Day Cream, you’re using all the power of antioxidant-rich pomegranate oil to naturally fight free radicals (which means using nature to fight the signs of aging).

Feeling a Little Extra?

You’re giving the gift of all-natural skin care everyday, but there’s also room for your loved one to treat themselves. Help them indulge in a Toxin-Free face treatment with one of our Face Masks. Our masks are so fresh that they’re best used within three months from the day they’re made. Or, you can get creative and include a hand-written recipe for a DIY face mask.

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Retreat Yo’ Self

Have you heard of the limbic system? It involves areas of the brain that help control instinct and mood, and is also the reason why scent can have aromatherapeutic benefits.

You may not know this, but the scents here at Rocky aren’t all just designed to smell great. They’re made by our in-house herbalist, Tara, who understands the complex way that scent interacts with our brains and the power it can have on us.

Aromatherapy in a Box

The ingredients in our Serenity products are not only all-natural, they’re expertly blended with essential oils like Lavender and Bergamot. These oils are known for their calming effects (who doesn’t associate Lavender with drifting off to sleep?) and Bergamot is known for its mood stabilizing effects.

Stop for Some Self Care

If you know someone who is always putting others first, give them a little reminder that they need to take care of themselves as well. If you burn yourself out you won’t be able to be your best for others! A Serenity-scented bath, complete with Serenity Bath Salts, our Better Bubble Bath, and Ultimate Massage Oil (and why not throw in a fizzy bath bomb!) not only gives them some much-needed me time, but transforms their whole bathroom into an at-home aromatherapy retreat.

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kitchen help

A Hand in the Kitchen

The kitchen can be a messy place. Food prep can spread icky germs, so it’s important to keep that bacteria at bay. For the person who loves to spend time in the kitchen, constant hand washing can lead to dry, chapped hands especially when using harsh antibacterial washes or plain dish soap on your skin.

Lactic Acid

We have a gentle approach to our deeply cleansing Kitchen Hand Wash at Rocky. Lactic Acid is a non-toxic, biodegradable by-product of fermented fruits and vegetables. It’s also the secret weapon against germs for people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Lactic Acid works to lower the pH of the area it’s applied to, transforming your skin into an environment that bacteria doesn’t want to grow in, while the olive oil base of our Kitchen Hand Wash keeps your hands smooth and hydrated.

We create our lactic acid through the natural fermentation of sugar glucose found in molasses, making it completely natural and vegan. Lactic Acid is known for its skin softening properties that also promote collagen production, and it’s way gentler than the acids you’ll find in other skin care products (like glycolic or salicylic acid).

When the cooking and kitchen prep is done, lock in moisture with our Daily Oat Lotion. Opting for scent-free means no more dry hands, without any scents to interfere with the main course. It’s perfect for locking in moisture and protecting your skin with a non-greasy formula.

Out, Damn Spot!

If you cook a lot, you know that it’s inevitable to spill tomato sauce on a white shirt or melted chocolate on your jeans. Or the dreaded grease stain. That’s where the Spotless Stain Remover comes in. This plain-looking bar packs a powerful punch. There are no harsh chemicals or sulfates, and a little goes a long way as a pre-wash treatment for stains. 

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kitchen wash

The Frequent Refreshed Flyer

If you’ve flown WestJet recently, you may have noticed our Lemongrass Foaming Wash in the restroom. Maybe you were taken with the scent of Refreshing Lemongrass?


From food to soap, Lemongrass—especially Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogon citratus)—has a wide range of health benefits. The plant, that can come from Asia, Africa and Oceania, has a distinct citrus aroma, contains antioxidants and is a source of essential vitamins and minerals. It’s definitely more than just tasty!

Flying Dry

What is it about flying that dries out your skin? Chapped lips, dry hands…it’s no coincidence. Did you know there’s actually lower humidity in the cabin of an airplane? About a third of what your skin is used to. That’s why an ultra-moisturising lip butter (find the Peppermint flavour on WestJet’s Premium guests on the Dreamliner) and heavy-duty hand cream like our Omega 3 Hand Cream or Daily Oat Lotion are the perfect treat for dry skin post-flight. While our Foaming Washes work overtime to not dry out your skin.

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lip butter

All-Natural For Him

It might be a cliche, but some men still avoid all things self-care. That doesn’t mean that his skin doesn’t deserve to be pampered—without toxins.

Razor Burn

Razor burn can be caused by a few different things: a dull razor, shaving against the grain or even by shaving over dry skin. Shaving when you have sensitive skin (or shaving sensitive areas, like your face) can also cause bumps and burns. That’s why our ultra-moisturising Shave Bar is made with luxurious cocoa butter and castor oil, plus there’s glycerin which pulls moisture into your skin—reducing the chance of razor burn. Oh, and you can ditch the wasteful aerosol can.


For the perfect earthy, all-natural shower routine that still smells like “men’s stuff,” our Men’s Citron Body Wash is scented with sage and lemon oil. Plus, this is actually a liquid, castile soap that’s versatile enough for him to use as shampoo on his short hair. Finish the routine with matching Men’s Stuff Natural Deodorant, that doesn’t contain any icky aluminum and keeps you fresh, naturally. Plus, for the man who works on his feet, our Men’s Stuff Foot Butter is the perfect, practical luxury to soothe any cracks.

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